The band name D.I.D. comes from the phrase "until the Day I Die."
Using that name, the three former members of Para:noir, Akane, Sho, and Satoshi go in a new step with two new members Tohma and Takashi.
Their first mini album "until the Day I Die" is out on July 6, 2012.
Their first album "Providentia" is out on November 14, 2012.


Akane Akane [Vo.]
part: Vo.
birth: 10.14
blood: O
cigaret: no smoking
perfume: Samourai
favorite brand
>> apparel: Subciety
>> accessory: ROYAL ORDER
Official blog:
twitter: @did_akane
Satoshi Satoshi [R-Gt.]
part: R-Gt.
birth: 11.10
blood: B
cigaret: echo
perfume: PURE POISON
favorite brand:
>> apparel: Lui's
>> accessory: HTC
Official blog:
Tohma Tohma [L-Gt.]
part: L-Gt.
birth: 8.18
blood: B
cigaret: Seven Star
perfume: fiorucci Loves you
favorite brand:
>> apparel: WACKO MARIA
>> accessory: Gaudi jewery
Official blog:
Sho Sho [Ba.]
part: Ba.
birth: 6.22
blood: unknown
cigaret: no smoking
favorite brand:
>> apparel:John Galliano
>> accessory: D&G
Official blog:
twitter: @did_sho
Takashi Takashi [Dr.]
part: Dr.
birth: 8.20
blood: O
cigaret: Lark box short
perfume: tommy girl
favorite brand:
>> apparel: Chrome Hearts
>> accessory: Chrome Hearts
Official blog:

D.I.D. Official Web Site

D.I.D. Interview

First, would you tell us your names?

Akane: I'm Akane, the vocalist of the band. Nice to meet you.

Tohma: I'm Tohma, the guitarist.

Satoshi: I'm Satoshi, also the guitarist.

Takashi: I'm Takashi, the drummer.

Sho: I'm Sho, I play the bass guitar.

Could you share us the story from the break up of Para:noir to the formation of the new band, D.I.D.?

Akane: We had not achieved our goals when Para:noir was coming to an end.Still, we had to stop our activities as a Para:noir. So we desperately needed to do something with our strong ambitions that was unfulfilled.

Without any questions, I knew I needed Sho and Satoshi in the new group.
We were able to have a pretty clear image of what kind of music these three would make at that point. So from there, we needed to fill in the empty positions; a partner for Satoshi and the drummer.

We invited Tohma, who we already had a deep connection with. Then we were introduced to Takashi who said "Let's do it". And we were like "Why not?".
Just like that, everything moved very quickly. The right people met at the right time and formed this band .

It seems that from the announcement of Para:noir's break up, you did not slow down with your activities until now,

Akane: That's right.

Could you tell us where the name came from?

Akane: The name comes from the phrase "until the Day I Die."

I see it is a self-titled mini album.

Akane: That's right.

I want to ask both remaining members and new members, how do you think about starting a new band?

Sho: I felt relaxed in a good way. As Akane said, we had a pretty good idea of how it was going to be when the three old members decided to be in the band. Plus, we were confident that our music will even have better quality, and that we'd definitely improve. So for now, I'm just full of excitement.

Satoshi: While the basic members have not changed, starting again with new members have made our music stronger. I'm already feeling a good vibe at this point.

How about you, Takashi?

Takashi: For one thing, I felt an infinite possibility in the band's name and also when I heard their songs.I knew about Para:noir and have seen their gigs where they showed progressive music. So have high expectations towards the band's future and also for myself.

Tohma: I also knew about Para:noir and saw their gigs, and loved the sounds they made. After talking with them in backstage, I felt their motivations were just outstanding. I already had good thoughts about the band when I was asked to join. So it was simply natural to participate. There's no reason not to.

So you had no doubts?

Tohma: Not at all.

The mini album "until the Day I Die" is released on July 6.Can you tell us about how you feel after finishing the piece?

Sho: I felt a sense of achievement. But overall, it was hell lol.

But thanks to all the efforts we made, I think this first mini album became the best.

I guess it was extremely hard work?

Sho: It's not about how difficult things were. It's the fact that we were so emotionally attached to our songs, we took so much care in arranging and recording. I think things should be done with the utmost care in that sense.So the amount of stress and all the sensitivity used, mentally wore us out.

So how did you feel once everything was finished?

Sho: I was like banzai! . . . and after that I got a high fever. lol.

Maybe you were too excited?

Sho: lol. Yeah, and probably too exhausted. It's good that I'm ok now.

Takashi: I still can't believe it's finally done. I also felt like hell. lol.
We somehow managed to finish the piece. So I hope to learn from this experience and make it lead it to the next step.

Satoshi: The production period was extremely limited so our schedules were just insane. But after listening to what we have made, I felt that all the effort we put in the album was worth it. It is heavy and progressive. At first, it sounds like metal. Yet, it's not just simple metal. It has our taste in it.

Tohma: During the recording, our schedules were packed and it was hard for us.
But that made everyday seem like a challenge. If I compare with a life with no challenges, I think I was very fortunate to have this experience.

The more I worked the more I got exhausted, almost reaching a point where I was almost naturally high from tiredness. But I knew that this was not just me.
And when I thought that all other members were going through this, it somehow made me feel even more good. Don't get me wrong, I am not weird.

Sho: That's called a perv.

Tohma: You think?

Sho: Definitely.

How about you Akane?

Akane: When the album was finally done, I felt tremendously free.There was so much pressure, it was the most difficult production period in my life.

It must have been hard to organize your feelings about moving on to the next band and when to draw the line between the end and new beginning.

Akane: I really didn't want my fans to be upset by being in two bands at once.So I wanted to start D.I.D., after we had the last day with Para:noir.

Since we announced a specific date of when to disband, the schedules were crazy. But on the bright side we were able to put all of our concentration in our album since we only had a few days to finish everything.

It's crazy that you made it by the deadline.

Akane: Yes, it was insane.

Akane: We actually like recording in a harsh situation because it pushes our limits. Of course the recording is going to be hell because we are pushing our limits throughout the whole time.

You put yourself in a place where there's a difficult challenge?

Akane: I think we were able to progress because we put ourselves in such situations. And I'm positive that we will not stop doing it this way.

So what did you keep in mind while you made this album?

Akane: I kept many things in mind.First of all, I wanted the listeners to have a clear idea of what kind of music this was. I discussed this with the guitarists.

Although I do think everything is about the song, but the guitar is an extremely important factor when it comes to the concept of music.

Every part needs technique.

Akane: That's right. No one can pull this off by just randomly playing.

Tell me what inspires you when you write them.

Akane: I never wanted a fake concept for my music.I just put my whole life and everything that's on my mind to it.

That's why my own world is reflected to the lyrics which always has a stable originality. I never think of what kind of song I want to make from now like "I'm going to make a love song" or "I'm going to sing for my friend this time".
I just write down what I feel at that moment.

So you don't struggle when you write the lyrics?

Akane: Actually I do struggle and I hate writing the lyrics because it is too tough.

But why do you continue to write?

Akane: This is my dilemma. I really don't want to release songs this often because I put my everything into the song and then only after 3 or 4 months I have to reset myself to use all the power I have within me.It's just too much energy. But if I was the listener, I'd want the band to release new songs occasionally. So I know it's a necessity.

But if I'm making a song, I am 100% dedicated, so I write and erase over and over again, so most of the times it takes about 10 hours to write the lyrics.

Tell us which part you put most effort in?

Tohma: The part where the guitar appears and disappears in "until the Day I Die".

Satoshi: I agree with that part of Tohma in "until the Day I Die".
But personally I think it's the guitar solo of "atheism".

Takashi: The beginning of "M-O-G-A-Z" will blast everyone's minds.

Sho: You like the word "blast".lol

Takashi: Yes we need that much power in it.

Sho: We all did a good job.

Takashi: Yep.

How about you Akane?

Akane: Throughout the whole album, people would probably wonder how many vocals this band has. I feel like I should change how I sing in each situation.It's not like I'm trying to use a specific voice. But if I don't like how it sounds when I sing, I just change the voice or the way I shout. As a result, it ends up like there are like 3 vocals in this group. lol.

In "the resolution" you start singing in a low voice, but you can also reach a high note too.

Akane: This is how I wanted my style to be. It's the results of my effort.And it's the same at my lives too.

If it was recording, it would be easy to use different voices for different parts. But when it comes to lives, you can't get away with that.

Akane: I think showing this at lives is the best part of it.I can show the audiences that it really is one person with many different voices.

Are there any particular types of groups that you would like this mini album to be listened to?

Tohma: One word. Our album will be in stores. Just listen.

Akane: Ahahaha.

Sho: I don't mean to offend other artists who does this, but I don't have any type of groups that I want my album to be listened to.
Music is most beautiful when it is just there. And whoever seeks for the music and finds it should listen to it. That how I think it ought to be.
Anyway, just listen to it. lol

Satoshi: I think people who like hard music should listen to our album.
But in a bigger view, I wish that our music will be listened to those who play music like us. I want the people who create music to feel that we make good music.

Takashi: I want my song to be played at the convenience stores.
And I want the people there to think "What's is this awesome song?"

What is special about D.I.D. that makes you guys different from other bands?

Akane: We haven't had our first gig yet but I am sure that it's going to be a destructive live.With the original world of our music, carefully created with the utmost care, it is promising that our band is capable of a destructive live.From the beginning, I knew that this band was capable.

Any dreams you have as a band?

Akane: I don't want to sound too pessimistic but if I set a goal, it'll make me narrow-minded because I'll be busy trying to accomplish that one goal and forget other things.

I just want to progress infinitely. In order to do that, I don't think we need a set a certain goal. I want to keep in mind that we need to evolve while we live in the moment.

Though personally I'd like to perform on a huge stage at an overseas festival. I want to do the wall of death at an outdoor stage in Europe.

Sho: Cool.

Akane: Haha.

Sho: That must be done.

Akane: But that's just something that we're just looking forward to.

Sho: Right, it's not our goal or dream. Our goal is to play music forever.

Akane: Yes. It's not our goal to change our style. Whatever we become after doing what we've wanted to do, is the ideal picture of our evolution.

It seems like you have a stable vision of yourselves.

Akane: No, we just think that sharing our thoughts are important.I call out to everyone so that we don't forget to have meetings in order to understand what we have on mind.

I agree that is very important. Well then, could you give a message to your fans?

Tohma: Just listen to our music once. Listen to our songs or come to our lives.Just touch our music while you're alive.

Akane: "until the day I die" right? lol.

Tohma: Exactly.

Satoshi: We treasure our lives and put all of our power into making music that only WE can make. So I hope you like our songs.

Takashi: Our songs are heavy and emotional.
And I assure you that our music will blow off your stress so please come see us at our lives.

Sho: I want D.I.D. to be a group that is loved by people whether you are a girl or a boy. We appreciate your support.

Akane: We kill ourselves to make our music. Our gigs are everything to us.
Everything that you feel at our lives are the answers. So come feel the real us at our lives.