From here on, orders destined to Russia must fulfill the following requirements.

  • One order may only contain up to 4 items and the subtotal must be below 200 Euros.
  • In the shipping address list, you must enter your mobile phone number as your phone number
  • Company Name in the shipping address section must be blank.

Custom Procedures

  1. The shipper will confirm if your account is registered as a deliverable individual in Russia.

  2. Once the package arrives, the customs officials wil notify the recipient by SMS or email and will guide you to "Alta Personal Kabinet"-- a portal website to process packages purchased by individuals through custom procedures.

  3. Recipient will need to enter following details at "Alta Personal Kabinet".

-First/Middle/Last Name in Cyrillic
-Passport number
-Broker empowerment confirmation (broker’s contract for clearance)
-Data privacy confirmation Tax Identification number (“INN”)
-Internet link to ordered item

Once submitting the details above, your order will then be able to be proceed for import declarations at the Russian customs office.