[Update: May 22, 2020]
We recently received a couple of reports that they can not access to our website and found out some providers have made updates which blocked access to our website. We got in touch with the providers and now the blocked customers can access our website now. If you can not access our website at all, inform us your provider and we will see if there are any errors on their end.

Another error reported from a customer using a credit card has also been resolved. The credit card payment process was not working at one point, however once the customer turned off the VPN , the order was accepted. We can not confirm that this was correlated, but if you face similar issues and are using VPN, you might want to try turning off.

[Update: May 19, 2020]
We confirm that the payment issue with Paypal has already been resolved.
There are no issues purchasing with Paypal.

As for credit card payments, some turned out to be an issue coming from their card issuers and have resolved by contacting the card issuers.

However if you are facing issues placing an order at our website with credit card or debit card, please contact our customer support informing the error message if any, or details on what happens after what kind of action you took.
Customer Support: info@cdjapan.co.jp

[Update: May 8, 2020]
Currently we are experiencing some issues with both our credit cards and Paypal payments. Because of this, you may not be able to place an order at our website.

Our technicians are currently looking into this issue and will be working on it to fix it as soon as we can. We will announce it on our website, once this is fixed.

We apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused.