Sharing the passion with audiophiles.

When 7N audio cable became available in Japan for the first time in the autumn of 1990 from the predecessor of Zonotone, the Japanese audio world began to take note of the importance of wire materials. While a number of innovative cable products have been produced since then, the Zonotone brand was launched to develop cable that is closer to the ideal. That was in 2007.

Bringing revolutionary cable to audiophiles. There is no other way to pursue the deep passion of music that stirs the hearts of audiophiles. At the foundation of this is my own personal passion for music and for audio. Materials, structure, design—all are for the sake of a passion for music. As the front-runner in cable making, we have also not forgotten to set reasonable prices for Zonotone cable so that it can bring the enjoyment of audio to ordinary consumers, beyond being a hobby of the rich.

We are grateful to have reached the seventh year since our founding. The product lineup has grown more diverse and full. What should we make, and for whom? Zonotone always keeps its ears open to the voice of audiophiles. Admonishment, encouragement, empathy, suggestions. Those voices are reflected in our products. That is how we share passion with audiophiles. Zonotone cable is created together with audiophiles.

Toshihiko Maezono, President and CEO
Maezono Sound Labs. Corporation



Message from Zonotone

When looking for the ultimate in cables, Zonotone is the answer.
The breath of sound. Purity and Energy. Everything for this purpose.

What is the origin of your cable-making?

I, Toshihiko Maezono, was engaged for 20 years in making analog phono cartridges. There I had the fateful encounter with ultra-pure copper 7NCu, waking up to the importance of wire materials. In collaboration with one of Japan’s leading nonferrous metals manufacturers, we proceeded to develop 6N copper, 7N copper, 8N copper, 6N silver and other metals. I experienced the “breath of sound” to be found in each of these materials. These experiences made me a believer in purity and in compound hybrid wire.

What makes Zonotone unique?

I decided to launch the Zonotone brand with two main purposes in mind. One was to further advance the well-thought-out DMHC structure to realize DMHC-Duo. The other was to provide superior products at a reasonable price. I didn’t want to make things for the special hobbies of the rich; I would like to say that my goal was audio that ordinary consumers could enjoy. I’m happy that, two years after its launch, the Zonotone brand had become widely known and our cables were winning high acclaim.

What is the policy behind Zonotone cable development?

Zonotone cables, for example, are created with an original golden ratio unrivalled in the industry, based on data gathered over a long time from huge numbers of prototypes and repeated listening. If we were to rely solely on quantitative and coefficient findings from physical and scientific analyses, however, we would miss out on “passion.” Above all else, Zonotone gives priority to musicality as judged by the ears. This is our policy from start to finish. The word “audio mania” describes me personally, and there is no bigger music fan than me. What it comes down to is that I am making cables that I myself will be using.

What do you have in mind next for Zonotone?

We are always thinking about continuing to take on new challenges. With the advancing of time, audio cable must continue to progress. Fortunately, our many years of accomplishments have put us in a position to get our hands on high-purity rare metal materials that are extremely difficult to obtain. By making further advances in the DMHC structure so as to take maximum advantage of these amazing conductor materials, we plan to pursue the ultimate in cable-making.

What is your dream for the future of Zonotone?

A number of overseas cable brands have been successful in Japan, but I believe we have breathed new life into the Japanese cable industry by creating well-crafted cables that show the best of the Japanese manufacturing art. At the same time, not content to rank alongside those overseas cable brands, we must show the world the superiority of Made-in-Japan cable, making its presence known throughout the world. This is the strong desire of Zonotone, and something we have taken the first steps toward realizing.

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