Goat Tankoho is more fine hair than Goat Sokoho. Its hair is rather dense and prevents the powder to go down into its hair bundle, so you can put powder beautifully in small amounts. It does pick up the pigment very well. Perfect for applying loose or pressed powder foundation, blush. It comes in a box. 

This slightly tapered brush is perfect for applying the base color on your eyelids, and gradation color on your eyehole area. The 100% kolinsky bristles, with a supple touch, can be used with powder or cream eyeshadow. Great for travel or in your purse.

This powder brush uses sokoho, high-quality goat hair, and gives you a soft impression. Great for distributing loose powder over larger areas, such as sweeping bronzer along your temple, cheekbone and jawline. It applies blush to flatter your face shape easily as well.

Great for adding color to the apple or hollows of your cheek and blending seamlessly into skin. Not only is perfect for blush, but also great for contouring, and in a pinch adding highlight. This stiff brush to pick up plenty of color.