[New Arrival] KOYUDO La Fuga del Gatto Blush Brush FG-07 & Foundation Brush FG-08

'La Fuga del Gatto' - Fuga the Cat brush collection is manufactured based on traditional brush making techniques in Kumano and the brushes are all vegan using 100% synthetic fibers. You don't have to sacrifice luxury, quality or results when you choose a vegan brush and these brushes deliver a consistently subtle, natural makeup look.
The cat jumping out of the staff notation describes someone who is willing to do new challenges without being swayed by stereotypes.

[KOYUDO La Fuga del Gatto series]

Vegan Brushes and SDGs
Vegan brushes are cosmetic brushes that do not use animal hair. Currently, it has become difficult to obtain animal hair, which is used to make Kumano brushes, year by year.

In order to keep the culture of Kumano brushes alive, Koyudo has made the synthetic hair as close to animal hair as possible, so that the feel of the brushes is comparable to that of animal hair.

A new feel as if you are not touching the bristles
The synthetic fiber bristles used for the tips of the bristles are 0.07mm ultra-fine and have an excellent feel against the skin. The mix of plant-derived synthetic fibers also makes it feel as if it is not touching the skin.
This product is highly evaluated by makeup artists.

Bagasse pulp is used for the packaging.
Bagasse is an agricultural byproduct generated after sugar is pressed, and is a valuable biomass resource for the sustainable use of limited forest resources.
Bagasse pulp is used for the packaging of La Fuga del Gatto.