What's Deorart?

Deorart is a gothic and gothic/punk fashion brand know for its appearances in KERA magazine. Conceived for the concert club, Deorart clothing presents alternating dark and light facets for an edgy, stylish look. Imagine a demonic castle where each room is draped in either skeletons or angels--this location lurks in the hearts of their designers and serves as the source for their designs. Just look at Deorart's angel-wing logo for proof.

Deorart Official Website (Japanese Only)

While CDJapan stocks the majority of Deorart's catalog, you may occasionally find items listed on the Deorart home page that aren't listed on CDJapan. If you would like to order one of these items, please feel free to contact CDJapan customer support (info@cdjapan.co.jp).

Deorart image