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Surround Co-Donguri SHIZUKU In-Ear Headphones DawnBlue Customer Reviews

Great Value 5

These earphones have really great build quality, and it does pack a lot for the price. The spiral cable, Tornado Equalizer, Hi-Res support and Spinfit eartips are great features included with this earphone. The sound on the Shizuku are incredible. Overall they have a flat and neutral sound signature. I'd say treble and vocals are the stars of the show. The level of detail they can reproduce is above every other earphone I've tried, the soundstage and instrumental separation is incredibly good too. The vocals are very neutral and sound just like real life, the Tornado Equalizer really helps making "s" sounds and cymbals a bit softer for listening without sibilance, which is good. For bass, they are neutral and have great detail. It's not punchy but you can clearly hear and even feel the bass and lower frequencies but it may not be enough for people who like bass heavy music.

too much trebles 3

I am very disapointed with this headphone, there is too much trebles and no bass. Impossible to hear music, only acceptable for speaks ar phone speaking. Tried with different sources and same results.Perhaps i have had a defective one.

Worth the price 5

For the price paid definitely you get something more than that. Beautiful and clear vocal sound, nicely designed, solid and fit. The quality is definitely out of expectation and not disappointed.

Sorround Co-Donguri 4

Music preferences: Rap, R&B, Rock, Pop, Classical. Sources: Zishan DSD, Xduoo X3 Pros: very neutral tone. A good sized soundstage, separation is excellent in these earphones. I would describe these as soft, no harshness in the highs, mids are lush and the bass is not overpowering. These also come with a set of Spin-Fit tips. Cons: for those looking for bass these might not be enough. No accessories besides the Spin-Fit tips.

Fantastic sound for the price 5

Absolutely amazing sounding pair of in-ears for the price. Been using it daily with a One Plus One and occasionally on my desktop with a O2 headamp. But it definitely doesn't need any amplifier or anything to sound great! The construction is solid, whatever they use to make these cables doesn't tangle easily, and on the rare occasions that they do, its always simple fix. Sound wise, you get very clear mids and highs which makes them perfect for vocal, pop and jazz music which I really love. The bass is decent, but don't expect any heavy pumping bass action from this one. Overall, when I was shopping around, I really wanted a daily all rounder in-ear that can suit my general needs. I most definitely found it in the Co-Donguri.

Spacious and detailed 5

Love the sound of these. The base extends deep and there is excellent detail on the whole frequency range. I bought these and the ATH-IM50, and the sound on these are clearly better. For the price, you can't go wrong with these!

Less means more 4

Simply put, it's superb. It may be listed as a pair of budget earphones but seriously it packs a punch. It works well with Jpop music, since I personally love Jpop music the Co-donguri is a great pairing for those Jpop music lovers I daresay.


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