Guren -Optical Impression- [Cardboard Sleeve] [CD+DVD] Customer Reviews

the GazettE

wonderful ! 5

GUREN is wonderful song ! and the pv is pretty ! *0* and the cardboard sleeve just more than awesome ! Kugutsue is wonderful song too, especially when ruki and backing vocal's voice cool !


I have to say that this is probably the greatest investment you can get on a single. There are only 2 songs on it and a DVD, but it's absolutely worth it!! Guren is a beautiful and spectacular song, hands down. Although it is leaning on the ballad side, it still carries enough energy to be enjoyable whenever, and whatever mood you may be in. Furthermore, the lyrical content is top-notch; adding much value to the "gloomy elegance" of it all, and it really touches your soul. However, I know many a people (myself included) may say, "Why should I spend $18 on a single when it will just appear on the new album?" My response: DIM does not contain the second track, Kugutsu e. That song alone is worth the $18!! With calm parts tossed into an otherwise fast-paced,energetic and catchy song, this is truly one impressive work of art from the gazette that really makes me wonder why it wasn't a single on it's own. Next topic, the DVD. All you need to know is that this is one beautiful PV. The video is super high quality;it's crystal clear, and it really makes you feel as if you are in the same room the guys are in. I seriously cannot recall a DVD with such sharp quality, ever. Also, the visuals are superb. Rich colors, interesting concepts... this is good stuff. I don't think anyone should miss out on this greatness!

superb album 5

Guren is a great song definitely not to be missed.. err.. Bel (Singapore) not to worry, u can watch the DVD.. i got a couple of Kagrra's album oso with region 2 coded, i can watch it.. have fun, enjoy..

Worried 5

I am from singapore and i am worried that i cannot watch the dvd because it state that "DVDs are region-2 encoded ". Can anyone tell me i can watch it or not because i am from singapore.

SUGOI!!! 5

this is a good single..... for me this is the second best single.... the first is cassis... haha

Awsome PV and song ! 5

Wow the case is awsome ! I think Guren is as good as Cassis, its very meaningful and I'm sure you will like it *wink* If you're a GazettE fan ... IT'S A MUST HAVE !!!


The pv is really meaningful. I love the song guren. ^^b The cd case is special too. Well, I supposed it's not a case.

Gazette just get's better 5

The GazettE is just getting better and better with every song. I love the video Guren and the music was just breath taking. I wish I could get their jewelry.

nice pv! 4

i really love this PV, and the limited package for this release is very beautiful! can't wait to hear new stuff!

A Really Moving Piece 5

This is worth the price, for sure. "Guren" is a beautiful song, and definitely some of the best work from The GazettE and very creative as all their work is. It really does send chills down your spine in parts of the song. The second song is amazing too, definitely one that would be AMAZING to see at a live! The DVD is amazing too, its simply the PV for Guren but its a beautifully done video, one as creative and just very moving in the way its been shot. Definitely a great buy for any GazettE fan!

WOW!..SUGOI^0^ 5

Wow O_O i never thought that this single was soo AWESOME! The Gazette has improved soo much! I love the song Kugutsue where the girl sings along with Ruki in the end! I love it so much! so strong and addictive^0^ and Gaztte fans out there, i recommend you to get this fast! it's terrific and you wouldn't be disappointed! you would love this to start to finish! Guren was a nice ballad so sad that i could just cry with him even though the little girl in the pv scares me once and a while >.> but in all a terrific item...

Wonderful 5

I absolutely LOVE the single. I love the songs, this version I bought with the DVD... It'S WORTH IT. To see Ruki going on the mic... up close, it's beautiful! I'd definitely buy it, if I didn't own it.

And again an awsome single by Gazette! 5

I was deeply moved the first time I heard the song and saw the video, and the feeling still hasn't changed. "Guren" itself as well as the second song (and third on the Auditory) are new versions of the typical Gazette style, very beautiful and powerful. The PV included in the Optical Impression is made rather simply, but still expresses a lot of emotions and therefore underlines the song greatly.

Rabuu~~!!! 5

Guren is such a beautiful song and sad! the PV kinda creeps me out with the little girl. When I first watched it I was like: "NO Aoi why are you using such an ugly guitar?" but now I understand why he uses one for this song. No doubt about it Gaze definitely pwns when it comes to sad songs! This song belongs in the same catagories as Cassis, D.L.N, Calm envy, Burial Applicant, Gentle lie, Taion... sad songs that I can't stop listening too

I honestly like it. 5

Even though it's a single, GUREN seduced me into buying it. This was the very first single that I bought of any artists that I've listened to and I was not disappointed and highly recommend it. I really like KUGUTSU-E which was as amazing as Guren (as expected from Gazette ^.^) and the case that the two discs came in was creative -- not to mention the PV was breathtaking.

Aoi = O_O 4

Wow. I loved this version of the "Guren" single. ^_^ The video is quite.... poetic and symbolic, I think. My favourite may be that Aoi uses a double-neck guitar. I was a bit surprised to see that, and it looked awkward at first, but then I warmed up to it. ^_^ Awesome video.

:D 4

Buy the other version becuase it has all three songs. xD and its cheaper >_>" This one comes with a DVD of the pv but does not come with the third song. @_@ But either way, I still loved the music! :D

great single 5

I love the theme "Guren", the PV it's so gorgeous. The b-side "Kugutsue" is so cool too. Big single with DVD.

Guren 4

It was here pretty quick and in good condition! shame about the poster not being in there xD Though it was good

TheGazettE keeps getting better & better 5

The GazettE is like wine, keeps getting better and better with age! Guren is simply a beautiful song and an instant favorite of mine! It just proves The GazettE is growing better with each new single/album they come out with. And as for the music video, you know all the fangirls/boys are wishing they were that microphone! ...I know I am *cough*


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