KAT-TUN III -Queen of Pirates- [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] Customer Reviews


QoP Album 5

This album was full of songs which are not very KAT-TUN like but were very entertaining! I hope KT will continue to keep exploring new Genres!

KAT-TUN III -Queen of Pirates- [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] 5

This album is a must-buy for new fans of KAT-TUN. It will introduce you to a load of awesome songs! This is seriously one of their best albums. The production is off the charts! Two of the four bonus tracks found in this edition are single-worthy! You also get the music video for "DON'T U EVER STOP" and the making-of, which is a treat! Definitely recommended for new and old fans alike. Get this!

Queen Of Pirates 5

All the fans are the Queens of KAT-TUN! this 15 tracks are awesome! Keep the faith, LIPS, yorokobi no uta. Affection, Taboo, etc. are perfect! and the DVD with the making of DON'T U EVER STOP is so hilarius! enjoy it!

Wonderful! 5

A very unique album! Features songs with a slightly new style to them. The DVD for the Limited Edition is a big plus, the music video for 'Don't U Ever Stop' being a very good dance number. Fans wouldn't want to miss this one, and for those who don't already know the group, give this one a try!

Awesome! 5

Same as the reviews before mine...an awesome album! Taboo, Yorokobi no Uta, Lips, Distance... All contributes to a great listening CD!

Pirates!! 5

Awesome album! This is why I love KAT-TUN, their music is so addicting. Each song is a treasure. If you love KAT-TUN's recent stuff, then I think you'll enjoy this a lot. If you're new to them, then this is definitely the album to try.

excellent! 5

Awesome!!!! this Album so far far away is the best ;D of the KAT-TUN albums. I love Affection, Distance, Hell, No, and the all tracks :D! and the DVD of DUES is so funny =D!! thanks :D!!

Best Album Release Yet 5

This cd is by far the best album release by KAT-TUN yet. There is so much variety in this album and it's the first of their cds I can listen through completely without fast forwarding. The singles on this album are awesome and the filler songs are very impressive too. Each members talents shine through on the album. R&B, Pop, and Rock are all genres on this album If you're wondering about the differences between the 2 versions, the normal version only has the first 11 tracks and there are actual photos in the booklet. the limited edition comes with 4 bonus songs(none of which I was personally impressed with...) as well as a making of DVD for "Don't U Ever Stop" which was fun to watch. No photos in the booklet, but the photos aren't that impressive in the other version... If you're lucky enough to get the limited, I would go for that version because of the DVD. However, the normal edition is very much worth getting if you can't get the limited. This is seriously their most impressive release yet and is currently one of my favorite JE albums.

The best since the first 5

It's really a complete album, the best than first and second album, i can found a lot of music and also can be accepted to my ear n heart since the first time i hear it ... KAT-TUN is really great ... they move up n grow together ... i suggest this album to whom that never had their album or their voice or for the new comer fans, you won't be dissapointed ... you're gonna be in love with them ... prove it Also by this album, i hope any guys who never get interested in them could try to hear it ... it's gonna be great ...

Their best album yet 5

Of all KAT-TUN's releases, I must say I am the most impressed by this one. There is a lot of variety in just one CD that I really didn't expect from them. They present a good mix of upbeat dance tunes, rock songs and slower, more ballad-type songs. They have definitely grown musically and this album is amazing because of it. Definitely worth the money! I would also recommend this CD for new KAT-TUN fans, because it presents such a variety and really showcases each members' talents.


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