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Home >Jpop >Essentials >Michihiro Kuroda Special Feature
Michihiro Kuroda

Yakusoku ("Erementar Gread" Outro Theme)
Michihiro Kuroda
Release: 2005/05/11 | CD Samples
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Michihiro Kuroda
Born June 6, 1972 in Kyoto, Kuroda began performing solo in 2000 (he debuted with the band Iceman in 1996 but left in 2001). To date, he has released four full-length albums, ten singles, eleven music videos, and has performed at over 280 shows. His performances range in scale from full-on rock entertainment extravaganzas to minimalist two-man shows with his guitarist. As a vocalist, Michihiro Kuroda combines overwhelming vision and persuasive power with unparalleled quality and energy.

In 2005, the fifth year after his solo debut, Kuroda will be releasing his first song for a television show, "Yakusoku." He's scheduled to follow up the release of his fifth album in August with a Japan-wide tour in the fall.

Michihiro Kuroda Special Feature

Michihiro Kuroda is like a prism; one moment he's sexy and dangerous, the next he's smiling, innocent, and worry-free. The colors emitted from a prism depend on the degree of light shining on it. So, too, is the nature of Michihiro Kuroda's appeal.

On May 11, Michihiro Kuroda will be releasing a new single titled "Yakusoku." "Yakusoku" is a ballad of an epic scale, requiring Kuroda to bring into production the services of a string section. On top of a magnificent and dramatic score, Kuroda sings the story of a teenager awakening to love. By capturing the simple, straightforward naivety of a teenager, Kuroda promises to win the hearts of both male and female fans alike. The realism Kuroda captures in the lyrics will most certainly bring to mind old, bittersweet memories of love in the minds of both young and adult listeners as well.

In contrast to the live instrumentation of the lead track "Yakusoku," is the aggressive, hyper-digital rock b-side, "Break the status quo." With its energetic sound, "Break the status quo" portrays a completely different energy and power from that in "Yakusoku."

You could say that this distinctive style of singing, where the sensation of the vocals changes drastically with each track, is distinctive of Michihiro Kuroda. Kuroda avoids conventions, continually challenging himself to move his music towards a higher place. He plans to release his highly anticipated next album next August.

Michihiro Kuroda combines the slippery thrill of the un-catchable with the mystery of a man in possession of a bottomless propensity for variety. The more he eschews conventionality; the more he becomes an artist to be watched.

(Text By Takahashi)

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