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Inugami Circus Dan Special Feature
Sukeban Rock [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Inugami Circus-dan
Release: 2005/04/06 | CD Samples
Sold Out
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Sukeban Rock [Regular Edition]
Inugami Circus-dan
Release: 2005/04/06 | CD Samples
Sold Out
+ Extra Points!
Inugami Circus Dan Special Feature
+ The Much Awaited New Release "Sukeban Rock" +

Like arriving at the gates of hell after a long, arduous journey, Inugami Circus Dan finally finds themselves on the doorsteps to popularity that they deserve. On first sight, one tends to be repelled by their gaudy make-up, which seems the work of pure terror; however, you should-no must, without hesitation, listen to their music at least once...those are the words I'd like to shout at the world to introduce the band. I imagine there exist quite a few people who were prejudiced by the look of the band into thinking that this band makes very disturbing music. Of course, I can't deny that. I couldn't even say so in flattery. However, I'd like to say to those of you looking for peace of mind: Hey, go listen to some new-age! To all of you who want to rock and roll, I'd like you to try out Inugami Circus Dan. Before you start, please take a moment to abolish any unnecessary preconceptions of the band that you've made just on their looks: that they are "scary" or "visual-kei." I'm not overstating when I say that their new album, "Sukeban Rock" is so straight-up rock n' roll that it should be called "Orthodox Rock." When you hear the voice of their big-boned and somehow cruel sounding singer Kyoko, your preconceptions of the band will be completely erased.

Before you find fault with the band, look for the fault in your own heart; these guys are absolutely making talented music. After first hearing this album, I felt deep in my heart that Inugami Circus Dan is a band that one can't understand without actually listening to them. To be truthful, I can't declare that those of you who don't prepare to listen to the album will not be surprised at all the suggestive things in the lyrics. But more than that, you're going to be surprised at the skillful, powerful, easy-to-listen-to voice of their lead singer Kyoko. Her voice will, in the best sense of the word, betray your image of her. Then, as you listen to the solid rhythm section and technically rich guitarist, I guarantee you'll be drawn into the Inugami world. No, not drawn, seduced...yes, in a process akin to brainwashing. Reading this page right now is nothing short of plunging one leg into the world of Inugami Circus Dan. Of course, you're free to decide whether you'll listen to them or not. However, I'd like to finish this by saying that if you only judge them on their looks, it's going to be your loss.

+ Official Web Site +

Inguami Circus Dan Interview

Q: I see you're musical direction has changed a bit since you first started. Was there some reason for this change?
A: We didn't consciously change, but, regardless, we tire of things easily...(Laughs)

Q: What direction were you aiming for when you went in to record?
A: First and foremost, we just wanted to make a lot of good songs!!

Q: Could you tell me what you think is the most important theme in your new album, "Sukeban Rock"?
A: It's a story of love and peace.

Q: What aspect did you exert the most energy on when you were making this album?
A: The level of completeness of the music.

Q: You're last album was also quite excellent. Was it difficult this time to make something exceeding your past work?
A: It wasn't difficult at all. I'd say it was fun!

Q: Looking at the lyrics, I feel like you're trying to say something about the absurdity present in our world. Do you project yourself in your lyrics or are most of the situations imaginary?
A: The ideas are self-projection; the situations, imaginary.

Q: When do your lyrics come to you the most?
A: They come to me constantly!

Q: In the title track, "Sukeban Rock" you sing the lyrics "Ashita wa nai kara, chi hedo hakinagara inochi moyashite hashire!" ("There's no tomorrow so run burning bright, spitting blood and bile!") When do all of you guys in the band feel like you are "burning bright, spitting blood and bile"?
A: When we're playing an encore at a show...(Laughs)

Q: You've set all of your songs to a really easy-to-listen-to tempo. Do you have any preferences to the speed of your songs?
A: We set our tempo at the speed that sounds the most right for the song.

Q: Whom did you listen to the most while you were recording?
A: Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

Profile: Members of the Inugami Family

Inugami Kyoko
Responsibility: Vocals
Birthday: July 12
Blood Type: 0

Inugami Joji #2
Responsibility: Six-string
Birthday: July 20
Blood Type: AB

Inugami Jin
Responsibility: Four-string
Birthday: January 18
Blood Type: AB

Inugami Akira
Responsibility: Poison drums
Birthday: December 27
Blood Type: B

+ Inugami Circus Dan History +

1994/12 After a 100 year lapse, Kyoko and Akira are reunited through the correspondence section of a magazine. They start Inugami Circus Dan (ICD).
1995/08 ICD plays their first show at a certain local live spot.
1995/12 ICD appears on TV Asahi's "Ebisu Onsen" show. They shine on as the champions for four weeks before finally losing.
1996/03 ICD plays their first show after appearing on television at Club 251 in Shimokitazawa. They also publish the poetry collection "Roba no Shojomaku."
1996/07 ICD plays their first solo show, "Noryo! Inugami-sai," and publish "Roba no Shojomaku Vol.2." Kyoko and Joji #2 form the folk duo, "Jokyo Gekijo."
1997/01 ICD self-produces their first record, "Goreizen." (Now impossible to find)
1997/04 ICD announces their rock suite "Hebikamihime."
1997/08 In conjunction with their performances, ICD announces "Rock Rokyoku Onnagoroshi Hibashi Jigoku"
1997/09 Kyoko and Joji #2's folk duo performs at Shibuya Apia.
1997/11 Three band members are found to be of incorrect lineage for the band, and are forced to leave. Inugami Jin is revived for the first time in 100 years to join the band.
1998/02 The re-formed ICD plays their first show at Shibuya club La Mama.
1998/07 ICD embarks on their summer tour "Kaki Gentei Tokubetsu Kogyo" ("Limited Special Summer Show") and announce their rock suite, "Yoru ga Owacchimau Mae Ni." Using footage from the first half of 1998, they produce a video released under the same name (out of print).
1998/12 ICD hosts and performs at their concert "Mizukara no Penis wo Kiritotte, Hahaoya no Shikyuu ni Nejikomero!" They hand out a copy of their video "Nozoki Karakurikyo Inushibai" to everyone in the audience.
1999/04 ICD hosts their show "Terayama Junana Kaiki Kogyo Kessoku Zaikokuya." They exhibit Mr. Terayama's work, "Kamen-geki Inugami" with former Tenjyou Sajiki member Seigo Showa. ICD opens their fan club, "Kyoken Club"
1999/07 All members of ICD perform in Seigo Showa's show "Jidai wa Circus no Zou ni Notte" at Shibya's Club Jan Jan
1999/09 ICD releases their second album, "Jigoku no Komori Uta" on the Flesh Label. To commemorate the release of the album they invite Hideshi Hino, the artist of the album's cover art, to their performances.
1999/12 ICD participates in Seigo Showa's performance of "Kamen-geki Inugami" at Shibya's Club Jan Jan. For Christmas they present their rock suite, "Kaidan! Kekkai Yashiki"
2002/02 Kyoko and Joji #2's acoustic duo "Akaneko" perform at ICD's show "Anya Gento Gyakusetu Hana Matsuri."
2000/05 ICD performs at "Terayama Shuji Tsuito Kessoku Zaikokuya 2." Continuing the tradition started the previous year, they present "Kamen-geki Inugami" with Seigo Showa.
2000/06 Marcy from the band Earth Shaker produces the album "Hebikamihime" for ICD. They release the album on his label Wide Tread.
2000/08 In collaboration with Guru Guru Eizokan they release "Akai Hebi." To celebrate the release they perform at Heaven's Door in Sangenjaya.
2000/12 ICD release the five-song EP "Akaneko" on Wide Tread.
2001/01 ICD lends a version of the song "Stop Jap" to the tribute album, "365: A Tribute To Stalin," dedicated to Michiro Endo's band Stalin.
2001/03 ICD performs at Heaven's Door in Sangenjaya, dubbing the show "Reimei Torai! Inugami Matsuri."
2001.05 ICD releases "Jinko Ninshin Chuzetsu" on Wide Tread and embarks on their first all Japan tour. The tour closes off at Loft in Shinjuku.
2001/09 ICD covers "Takeda no Komori Uta" for the 70's folk cover omnibus album, "Forever Young."
2001/12 ICD releases "Ankoku Zankoku Gekijo" on Wide Tread.
2002/01 ICD performs "Chi Mamire Naizo Rock n' Roll Show" at On Air West in Shibuya.
2002/07 Kyoko and Joji #2 go on a Japan-wide promotion tour for ICD's release of "Kaidan Kubi Tsuri no Mori" on Wide Tread.
2002/09 ICD performs five separate shows nationwide, naming the series "Heisei 14 Nendo Tandoku Kogyo Jungyo Inugami Circus Dan no Bakuso All Night Long!!"
2002/12 ICD performs and handles the New Year countdown at the end-of-the-year party "Fabyway 02->03" held at the club Omotesando Fab.
2003/02 ICD releases their first single DVD "Yomi no Kuni" on Wide Tread in preparation for their upcoming full-length release "Inu no Kami."
2003/03 ICD releases their second single DVD "Senno" on Wide Tread in preparation for their upcoming full-length release "Inu no Kami."
2003/04 ICD releases their third single DVD "Chinkonka Requiem" on Wide Tread in preparation for their upcoming full-length release "Inu no Kami"
2003/05 ICD releases their concept album "Inu no Kami" on Wide Tread.
2004/06 ICD plays shows in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, naming the series "Heisei 15 Nendo Tandoku Kogyo Jungyo Inugami Circus Dan no Rock n' Roll Fire." They also play the TBS Network's show "Utaban" where they garner the highest listening rates for that show.
2003/09 ICD releases the CD single "Saigo no Idol" (with DVD) at the cost-busting price of 2000 yen on Wide Tread.
2003/10 Amidst numerous rumors, ICD gets their major label debut. They release the maxi-single "Inochi Mijikashi Koi Seyo Jinrui!" on Zetima Records.
2004/04 ICD releases their CD single "Saisho no Tobira" and embarks on the Tokyo leg of their tour "Mou Modorenai 2004."
2004/05 ICD releases their best collection "Greatest Hits," and ties up the Tokyo leg of "Mou Modorenai 2004" tour at club Shibuya O-West.
2004/06 ICD releases their music video collection DVD "Seppuku" and continues the "Mou Modorenai 2004" tour nationwide.

(Interview: M. Isoyama, Translated by Daniel)

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