Their pride lies in being Japan’s raw hair importer and processor. Through carefully honed judgment, they allow no imitators. Their hair manufacturing techniques are superb; they bring out the original qualities of the raw hairs (smoothness etc.) through their techniques. In the manufacturing of hair, there are processes for removing dirt, salt, and oils; it is a process in which they must ask how far they can go in bringing out the natural quality of the hair.

By researching to improve both traditional Japanese hair processing techniques and European techniques, they have succeeded at bringing out the original beauty of the hair without damaging it. The process of Japanese hair manufacturing follows a sequence of boiling, drying, and rubbing with ash. (Boiling is the process by which dirt, salt, and oil is dissolved and removed. In the European process, certain chemicals are used in the course of this process. They have carefully devised a program for the proportion of chemicals and adjustment of temperature and are able to draw out the original quality of the hair without damaging it.

Their makeup brushes like the BISYODO Series, Rose / Puffy are made in Japan.



It uses plenty of Goat saikoho hair produced in the original way of Bisyodo. With 1.5 times more bristles than the average brush (compared to our company). The densely packed shape distributes foundation evenly, buffing to a natural, airbrushed finish. 

This domed, larger eye shadow brush using pine squirrel hair is perfect for placing the base color on the whole eyelid. It also helps to apply highlighter under the eyebrows and under the eyes and blend it. 

Smaller than regular powder brushes, with a softly pointed end for more detailed highlighting, contouring and blush. Its unique shape makes it possible to get a blended cheek or temple with soft, diffused edges.