CDJ Top40 is an official music sales chart catered for fans outside of Japan. We will tally up the numbers every Thursday to bring you a comprehensive list of charts based on confirmed sales (i.e. shipped orders, does not include pre-orders nor sales of formats other than physical copies) in the export market.

Although not yet supported by other outlets at the moment, this initiative is launched in the hopes that others will join us to bring about change!

For this project to realize its full potential in the future, your support is crucial, please keep an eye out for more updates. Thank you!

Check out CDJ Top 40 Anniverary ranking, featuring all CDs and DVDs released from 2005-2016.
Without our valuable customers, we would not make it this far so thank you very much for your kind supports in the last 20 years!
As part of CDJ 20th Anniversary, we have created a special ranking so that together, we can look back at the good old days (it doesn't mean the present is bad :)))

CDJ TOP 40 Anniversary Edition 2005-2010
CDJ TOP 40 Anniversary Edition 2011-2016