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Product Description]
A soundtrack featuring songs from Persona 3 Reload is now available!

In addition to the 60 tracks (2 CDs) used in Persona 3 Reload, the long-awaited remake of the game worldwide, the following special features will be included!

In addition to the lyrics, the booklet includes liner notes for the new songs by Atsushi Kitajo (ATLUS), who served as the main composer, and comments from vocalists Azumi Takahashi and Lotus Juice!

Gekkoukan Gakuen Student ID Card
Includes a student ID card featuring the image of Gekkoukan Gakuen! A must-have item for all Gekkoukan Gakuen students.

On the back of the card is a PIN code that can be used for the "M-Card" service, which allows you to download and stream the following bonus data.

Please note that the PIN code expires within 180 days after the first connection.
Please note that this service may be terminated without prior notice. Please note that this service may be terminated without prior notice.

?Two bonus tracks (download only)
Burn My Dread -Reload
Deep Breath Deep Breath -Reincarnation Reload-
The tracks are not included on the CD disc. It will be distributed in data format only.

?Discs 1-2 contain a total of 60 songs in sound data (download only).
Even if you do not have CD equipment, you can enjoy the songs on your smartphone or PC.

(3) Bonus video footage of the bonus track recording (streaming on the service only)
Making-of Persona 3 Reload Original Soundtrack Bonus Tracks" (approx. 15 minutes)

Please refer to the following URL for details on how to use the service.

Also included is a face photo sticker that can be attached to the student ID card!
You can also create your own student ID card with your favorite character.
(Yukari Takeha/Jumpei Iori/Akihiko Sanada/Mizuru Kirijo/Kazuka Yamagishi/Koromaru/Aigis/Aken Amada/Shinjiro Arakaki)

The content of the CD is the same as the "PERSONA3 RELOAD LIMITED BOX Original Sound Track" included in the PERSONA3 RELOAD LIMITED BOX.
The contents of the CD are subject to change without notice due to ongoing production.

Included tracks
[Disc 1]
Full Moon Full Life
02. Poem of All People's Souls
03.This Mysterious Sensation
Want To Be Close -Reload
08.Inevitable Battle
09.Yasuragi -Reload
10.When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars -Reload
Iwatodai Bunryo -Reload- 12.
12.The Voice Someone Calls
Mass Destruction -Reload- 15.
15.After the battle
Color Your Night
17.Deep Breath Deep Breath -Reload
18.Master of Shadow -Reload
19.Polonian Mall -Reload
20.The Meaning of Armbands
29.depth psychology -Reload
30.It's Going Down Now
31.The Path is Open
32.The Path Was Closed

01.Changing Seasons -Reload- 02.
03.Master of Tartarus -Reload- 03.
04.This is fine...
05.Living With Determination
08.Afternoon Break
09.Market Value Net Tanaka -Reload
11.Memory of 10 years ago -Reminiscence
12.Memory of 10 years ago -Confrontation
14.power of the mind
15.Memory of the city
16.Memory of the school
17.Living With Determination -Gantodai branch dormitory arrangement
19.De De De Shimono from the Darkness
20.The battle of all human souls
23.Burn My Dread -Last Battle Reload
25.I'll protect you -Reload
26.Your Memory -Reload
27.Kimi no Kioku -Reload Instrumental
28.Full Moon Full Life -Opening Movie Version
* Same contents as the soundtrack CD included in the "PERSONA3 RELOAD LIMITED BOX".

[Privilege Gekkoukan Gakuen student ID card] (Card material: PVC 0.76mm)
- Benefit soundtrack (download only)
Burn My Dread -Reload
Deep Breath Deep Breath -Reincarnation Reload
3.All sound data of the songs in Disc 1 and 2
Student ID card of a fictitious school.

- Special video (streaming on the service only)
Making-of Persona 3 Reload Original Soundtrack Bonus Tracks" (about 15 minutes)
Source: https://ebten.jp/atlus/p/4984995907499
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