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Important Announcement from Mon+amour International

Mon+amour International is proud to announce that the official English website powered by Midi:Nette will be launched on August 5, 2005. Since Mon+amour International commenced in July 2004, membership accounts have been powered by CDJapan's system, and CDJapan has provided some of the related services, including website maintenance and sending of Madousho to Platinum Members. Starting from August 5, 2005, all services will be provided directly and solely by Midi:Nette through the official English website.

Mon+amour International ensures that all existing members are able to enjoy all related services uninterruptedly. Existing online contents will continue to be available at this CDJapan web page until the end of August, 2005. However, there will be a change in how members sign in at the official website to be launched. The details will be sent to existing members by email.

After July 31, 2005, it will no longer be possible to join Mon+amour International, or renew membership (applies to those whose memberships expire in July 2005) at this CDJapan web page. Also, any changes made to account details through your CDJapan account after this date will not be reflected on member account to be powered directly by Midi:Nette.

Official English Website to be launched on August 5, 2005:

Please send all inquiries directly to
after July31, 2005.

Mana invites you to Mon+amour International

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