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This 304-page, all-color photo book captures the various moments of this memorable year for L'Arc-en-Ciel, the band's 30th anniversary.

The book is supervised by Takayuki Okada, a photographer trusted by the band members and who has taken numerous photographs of famous L'Arc-en-Ciel scenes.

The book includes many unpublished photos from the "30th L'Anniversary TOUR" taken by five photographers including Mr. Okada, as well as new shots taken by hyde, ken, tetsuya, and yukihiro in different situations, which were taken for this photo book. The book also includes many never-before-seen photos from the 30th Anniversary TOUR.

In the long interview with each member, conducted before the final 2-Days at Tokyo Dome of the 30th anniversary year of the band, they talked at length about what they thought during the Corona Disaster, their thoughts on the 30th anniversary, and their thoughts on L'Arc-en-Ciel. The interview is presented as a two-page interview manuscript.

Powerful live photos, new photos that seem to convey the members' personalities and body warmth, and the latest words from the members - the many "moments" reveal the 30th anniversary of L'Arc's formation. Anniversary.

This photo book is more than just a record.
It is a document of the dynamic organism that is L'Arc-en-Ciel.
And this document will become your new memory.

H approx. 307mm x W approx. 234mm
A4 size
Text 304p

Shrink-processed paper
Source: https://official-goods-store.jp/larc-en-ciel/v2/product/detail/LEC179
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