About First Press/Limited Editions

Bonus extras are sometimes included with first press (initial press) editions. Whenever the details for bonus extras are available, the description is shown in "Description" in the item details page.

First press editions with bonus extras are limited in quantity. Occasionally, they are sold out before the item has even been released. After the first press edition is sold out, only the later regular pressing without the bonus extra is available for ordering. Usually, all item details including the catalog number and the price remain the same after the first press edition is sold out.

To clarify whether the first press edition for the item is available or not, we indicate the buttons below in the item details page. If you do not see either of the buttons, it means that there is no difference or distinction between the first press and the regular editions for that item.
First Press Available: If your order is processed while this button is still indicated, you will receive the first press edition with the bonus extras.

External bonuses: External bonuses are first press items included outside of the item's packaging such as posters and photobooks. For more information on how CDJapan ships external items, view our "About CDJapan" page.

First Press: Sold Out: If this button is indicated, it means the first press edition is no longer obtainable, and you will receive the regular edition. The details of the bonus extra is still shown in the "Description," but it is no longer included.

If your payment method is either International Postal Money Order, or Cash Sent via Registered Mail, it is possible for the first press edition to be no longer available by the time your order is processed. This is because we do not process orders with these methods of payment until we have received the payment. Similarly, we do not process credit card orders until we have obtained authorization from credit card company.

*While we try out best to keep it up to date, details of bonus extras are subject to change without prior notice.

Some items are released in limited quantity or for a limited period of time. Whenever they are sold out, or the period is over, no additional editions are pressed/manufactured.

Limited Edition: This button is indicated in the item details page to clarify that the item is a limited edition.

Preorder-Only: Preorder-Only items need to be ordered before the Preorder Deadlines shown directly on the details page. However, depending on the actual quantities manufactured, they may continue to be available for orders after the deadlines. They may also become unobtainable before the deadlines in some cases.