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Cheaper price than regular books. Find here reasons to use CDJapan eBooks!
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CDJapan now offers eBooks!

Enjoy the latest Japanese eBooks on your mobile devices.

  • Reading Anywhere and Anytim
  • Enjoy Reading Anywhere and Anytime with Your Mobile Devices

    The eBook reader is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch as well as Android phones and tablets. Organize eBooks you own in your bookshelves and carry them anywhere you go and enjoy them anytime on your mobile devices.

  • Multiple Devices
  • Multiple Devices

    After purchasing eBooks on CDJapan website on PC as well as on mobile devices (compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as Android phones and tablets), download and install the app. Register up to 3 mobile devices and enjoy your eBooks on any of them. Your eBooks are stored on the cloud server we host, and they are automatically synced all across the devices you register.

    • Minimized Eye Strain
    • Minimized Eye Strain

      Neowing eBook Reader offers various function to ease eye strain. Inverse text option displays the background in black and the texts in white, and it's easy to change and adjust fonts and their sizes, as well as the screen brightness. It's also equipped with search, book marks,dictionary, and it's easy to write notes.

    • anytime without any shipping charge
    • Get Japanese eBooks anytime without any shipping charge

      Enjoy latest eBooks from Japan instantly without any wait, as soon as you purchase them. Of course there is no shipping charge, and most eBooks are slightly cheaper than regular books.

About CDJapan eBook Service

  • 1. Cloud Service


    All your eBooks are stored on cloud server we host. Download eBooks you'd like to read onto your mobile device (compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as Android phones and tablets) anytime you like while storing the rest of your eBooks collections in the cloud library.

    Once you download an eBook on your device, you can enjoy it anytime without having to be connected to the Internet. All information, including the current page you're reading, books marks, and notes you write are stored on the cloud serve and they are synced automatically all across up to three devices you register.

    * So, purchase eBooks at CDJapan on PC and mobile device and enjoy them on mobile devices after downloading Neowing eBook Reader.

  • 2. Register Up to 3 Devices

    Register up to 3 devices. All information are synced automatically all across your devices. So, you can enjoy your eBook at home on your tablet, and then when you go out, you can resume reading it starting from the same page on your mobile phone.

  • 3. Download eBooks Unlimited Number of Times

    All eBooks you purchase will be available for redownloads for an unlimited number of times, so you can enjoy them even after you change your device or upgrade the OS. Once downloaded on the device, you will be able to enjoy your eBooks anywhere, even in places where Internet connection isn't available.

  • 4. Large Number of eBooks Available

    Over 50,000 eBooks are listed as of November 2012. Some publishers restrict distribution of their eBooks outside of Japan. So, some of the eBooks published in Japan are not listed, but a large number of new titles continue to become available daily.

  • 5. Easy Payment


    We accept credit cards and PayPal for eBooks. Prepaid online coin CDJapan Coin is also offered with extra bonus amount.
    About CDJapan Coin

  • 6.Frequent Shopper Points

    We accept credit cards and PayPal for eBooks. Prepaid online coin CDJapan Coin is also offered with extra bonus amount.

  • 7.Easy to Purchase

    1.Easy to Browse and Search

    Browse through genres, publishers, labels, and more and search by keyword and narrow search results with price, publishers, and authors.

    2.Easy to List and Buy All Volumes

    List and buy manga comics and other eBooks that are published on multiple volumes easy.

    3.Free Samples

    After you install Neowing eBook Reader, you will be able to view samples easily before you purchase them.

  • 8. Safe Search

    Control the content to be displayed by configuring Safe Search option.

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