This landmark film is Hayao Miyazaki's second theatrical feature as director (following "Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro"), and the first one based on his original story. Sometime in the future, mankind has nearly destroyed this planet in the "Seven Days of Fire". A princess named Nausicaa from the Valley of Wind tries to stop the warring nations from destroying each other and the only means left to save the world. Extras on this double DVD set includes complete storyboards accompanied by the film's soundtrack. By using the DVD angle button, one can switch back and forth between storyboards and finished film scenes. Other extras include audio commentary, theatrical trailers and teasers. The sleeve cover features Hayao Miyazaki's original watercolor drawing entitled "Torumekia Sen-eki (war)." *About audio tracks: According to Buena Vista Home Entertainment, they have changed this DVD's audio track from "giji stereo (pseudo stereo)" to monoral. They explain on their website (as of September 2003) that they have been developing a stereo track of the said type for this disc, but after repeated testings, they have determined that the original momoral track possesses a better sound quality, and for that reason, they decided to include only the monoral versions. Audio track 2 is audio commentary.