[Machine Translation] Girls und Panzer" is coming to PS Vita! Girls und Panzer" is now available as a game on PS Vita! Overview: The hot tank battles of "Girls und Panzer" are recreated on the 3D screen of the PS Vita. Players will be able to control tanks, clear missions, and follow the storyline of the original anime. This is a "dramatic tank action" game with authentic tank control and drama featuring unique characters. The first home video game adaptation of the popular anime "Girls und Panzer"! Relive the passionate story of the original! Relive the excitement and passion of the characters! The map of Oarai-cho, Ibaraki Prefecture, where the TV anime takes place, has been recreated on PS Vita! Take control of a tank and drive around the town of Oarai! Many unique characters appear in the game! Many unique characters! [Players: 1 player] (CERO Age rating: To be determined)