[Machine Translation] Action x School x DQN Zombie - We're going to make you a school zombie, too! Overview: The latest title in the "Neptune" series, in which anthropomorphic characters of fictional game hardware play an active role, is an action game featuring Bran, the goddess of the Luwii! A lively and fun adolescent school life with a total of 14 members! The four goddesses and goddess candidates from the "Neptune" series appear as female students in this title, which is set in a school! In order to save their school from closure, the girls decided to make a blockbuster movie to spread the school's name and increase the number of applicants! The theme of the movie is "Zombies"! Somehow, in response to this trend, zombies appeared in the school and in the city. Thinking this was an opportunity, they decided to shoot on location against real zombies.... For the first time in the series, multiplayer is available! The first in the "Neptune" series, this title features a multiplayer function that allows up to four players to fight together! Join forces with your friends to engage in tag-team battles against newly introduced giant bosses and DQN zombies swarming around you! [Players: 1 Player (4 players max. when communicating) ] ( CERO Age rating: To be determined )