Anime song singer Asaka, who contributed songs for TV animation "Laid-Back Camp (Yurukyan)" intro theme "SHINY DAYS" and main tune "The Sunshower" for short anime "Heya Can", will sing the opening theme "Seize The Day" for "Laid-Back Camp (Yurukyan) SEASON 2". Seize The Day" was composed by Kento Nagatsuka, who wrote the intro theme song "SHINY DAYS" for the TV animation "Laid-Back Camp (Yurukyan)", and the song was arranged by Akiyuki Tateyama, who has been working as an accompanist for the "Laid-Back Camp (Yurukyan)" series. The DVD includes the music video and making of the song. The cover artwork of Anime Edition features newly illustrated works of TV animation 'Yuuru Can SEASON2'. An original mini-drama is included in the anime edition.