After the release of their full-length album "Nanimono" in December 2020, Polkadot Stingray quickly released their second career album, a four-song E.P., their first since the indies release. This album contains mostly collaborative tie-up songs as usual. The most notable is "Aoi," the outro theme song for "Godzilla S.P. Singular Point," the first TV anime series to be released worldwide on Netflix. The album also includes "Togemeku Spica (Tate-Yoko ver.)," the band's most famous song that was re-arranged in collaboration with Kamikaze Doga, a company that produces innovative animation with unique character expressions, such as the feature film animation "Ninja Batman" and the TV animation "Pop Team Epic. Limited edition includes a full-length recording of the live delivery "Polka Dot Stingray Polfest 49: Saishu Kecchaku" edited for DVD recording (60 minutes).