Director Makoto Tezuka and a stunning cast featuring actor Masanobu Ando bring you an unpredictable, thrilliing Japanese psycho thriller film! A series of bizarre serial killings leave decorated corpses strune around Tokyo--the complete brutality of the killer's motive shocking even the police. One day Asuka pursuing a career as a model comes to Tokyo where she witnesses one of the murders setting off a series of attacks around Asuka and her roommate Kasumi. Asuka, Kasumi, the cameraman fervently pursuing them named Tatsuo, and the policeman trying to solve this all named Yuseke now find themselves entrapped in a web of horror! Includes bonus disc with interviews (Masanobu Ando, Reika Hashimoto, Shunsuke Matsuoka, and Makoto Tezuka), outtakes, making-of footage, the true story of "Black Kiss" (available for the first time ever on DVD), and theatrical trailors. Limited edition includes MEDICOM TOY BEARBRICK figure (black bear Bearbrick-styled doll) and actors' postcard set. Features English subtitles (main feature, subject to change). *An estimate is provided for the shipping charge for this edition. It is subject to change, and might be adjusted when an accurate information on the dimensions and weight becomes available.