Japanese original box set of The Beatles contains 5 albums released in Japan from 1964 through 1965. Each album artwork faithfully replicates the original Japanese album artwork, including obi and inner sleeve. Each album uses 2009 remaster (mono master: "Meet The Beatles," "The Beatles' Second Album" / stereo master: "A Hard Day's Night" / original stereo mix: "HELP!"). Following are the titles and release years: "Meet The Beatles (Japanese title: Beatles!) (1964)," "The Beatles' Second Album (Japanese title: Beatles No.2) (1964)," "A Hard Day's Night (Japanese title: Beatles ga Yattekuru Ya! Ya! Ya!) (1964)," "Beatles No.5 (1965)," and "HELP! (Japanese title: 4 Nin wa Idol) (1965)." Available for CD format for the first time in the world. Comes with a 100-page (subject to change) booklet with Japanese contents. Deluxe box packaging. CDs are pressed in Japan and cardboard sleeves are made in Japan.