[Machine Translation] A marriage life with 100% difficulty, starting with a marriage proposal! The marriage life of a couple of doctors who can't tell anyone about their marriage, set in a pediatrics department! A modern love romance with laughter, tears, and sometimes thrills! DVD-BOX #1! --Shen Ho ( Leo Lo ), a young ace doctor working in the pediatrics department of a university hospital, and Yu Jia ( Soon Yi ), a new doctor in training at the hospital, are a doctor couple. However, Sheng Ho, who is opposed to becoming a doctor by his family, and Eugia, who is eager to marry a man who is not a doctor, decide to get married while keeping their relationship a secret from their respective families and workplaces. This love story set in a pediatric hospital depicts the relationships within the hospital, the pressures of being a doctor, and their secret marriage, with Shen Ho and Eugia as the central characters. Contains episodes 1-14. Booklet (1 copy) enclosed.