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Hikaru Utada

Passion 5

If you're in any way skeptical about shelling out those few extra dollars for the CD+DVD, then worry now more. 'Cause I'm here to tell you, it's worth every penny! The music video is awesome, gorgeous, brilliant, ... need I say more? The two tracks: The version from the opening of the KH2 game, but there is a difference between this one and the one on the KH2 soundtrack. The part where she says "My heart's a battleground" [you know, the part where Sora and pals are running up the stairs and fighting Marluxia in the CG sequence] IS NOT in this song. Instead, it skips right over it. However, there is a whole other verse that's not in the game version, so it's a double-edged sword. The other track is exactly the same as the "after the battle" version on the KH2 soundtrack, so no worries there. Hope this review helped!

My favourite Single by Utada Hikaru. 5

Hi. Just to say that this is my favourite single by Utada Hikaru. It is just magical. I love both versions in the cd and the video too. I had been hearing about this artist for years, and I had even listened a few songs by her, but it was after listen this one when I decided to buy her entire dicography; all her singles and albums released in one single order!... Thanks Hikari. Fan from Spain ;)

Filled with Passion!! 5

Utada Hikaru was the very first Jpop artist i had ever heard and i must say that it was Love at first sight. this single is by far one of my favorite songs ever released. the Video was soo artistic and awe inspiring; i have never seen anything like it in my life. truly a gem in the Japanese.. nay; the music world. i Strongly reccomend this to everyone.

Passion 5

A very pretty song, I've listened to this over and over! The PV is also very pretty and matches the song perfectly. I wouldn't usually buy singles without a very good reason, the reason here was because it is Kingdom Hearts II's theme song. It's is well worth buying ^^

Amazing song, amazing pv! 5

Another great Hikki song! Her powerful vocals complement the music perfectly! You really want to listen to this song through a good stereo system as the rythmic drumming throughout the song is simply astounding! As with most of her music video clips, the visuals are a feast for the eyes. A great mix of 2d animation and live footage rivalling those on big budget movies bring the clip alive.

Amazing song! 5

Passion is the theme song of Kingdom Hearts 2 and it's much more mature than Hikari, the theme song of Kingdom Hearts. You'll notice that the voice of Utada Hikaru has grown and sounds more beautiful than ever. The producing, sound effects, vocals and arrangements are all amazing and forms a very beautiful track. One of Hikki's best work. I like both the single and "after the battle" versions. Highly recommended.

Her best single yet!!! 5

This is a beautiful, epic, electronic ballad!! Quite astounding for a huge star that Hikaru Utada is! This really does send shivers down my spine, which is always an indicator of a great song and melody for me. The DVD doesn't take anything away from the song either, this also has a very dreamy epic feel about it, with Utada looking so beautiful. Utada really has moved on big time and I can't wait to see what other ideas she comes up with. Hopefully lots more spine tingling beautiful tunes like this!


This is her best single yet! Both versions of Passion are amazing and im just so in love with it! this song is SOO good and her vocals are beauitufll. Its a wonder, dazzeling ballad that is also strong with some rock in it. howeever remians pop. I woudl STRONGLY advise anyone to buy this!

Fantastic 5

Passion is a masterpiece and one of the most creative and unique songs to come out in a long time. Utada Hikaru has proven time and time agian that she is gifted with the brilliance of music creation, and I'm sure her next album will be among her best.


This was a great release for Hikki. The PV of the single was produced well and I admired the animation in it also. This single came with two versions of the single; the single version and the after the battle version. It would have been best if they also included the mix that is on the Kingdom Hearts commercial.

Yet another masterpiece by Hikaru Utada 5

A really great work in composition and arrangement by the really talented Hikaru Utada. Emotion flows with every note, and every word, and the soft musical basis makes it a candy for the ear. Really good.

Amazing 5

Utada Hikaru has evolved. She has gone from a cute little R&B singer to an artist of epics proportions. While others may say that 'Passion' isn't as catchy as 'Hikari' or 'Simple and Clean' were, there can be no doubt that with this latest single Utada Hikaru has taken a step forward into the unknown. The song is simply gorgeous, a breath of fresh air in the often redundant world of pop music. The melody is strong and vibrant with incredible backing music and vocals. The 'muttering' or 'gibberish' in the song is actually Hikki singing "I need more Passion than you know" in English - but the phrase has been flipped backwards and inserted into the song. It adds an exotic feel and a cleverness to the track so lacking in many others. The PV is a perfect companion to the song - fresh and breathtakingly beautiful with an inspired vision that only Kiriya Kazuaki could imagine. The 'after the battle version' is a different arrangement of the song which, sadly, omits the bridge. All in all, this song and this single are spectacular. A real treat for fans of Hikki, or just music in general.


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