BABYMETAL [Regular Edition] Customer Reviews


Good music!! 5

Toy factory did it again, great purchase for fans, I personally like the clip version, but this is also good!!

I'm So pround of buying this album. 5

The one and only Idol+Metal group that prove themself by world tour. This album is awesome. I enjoy all tracks of this Album.

Great Album!!!! 5

I'm Very Very Like THIS ALBUM!!!! Now, i'm listen this album frequently. I'm recommend BABYMETAL to My Friend, My Younger Sister, Younger Generation to listen this music, They Are Very Like This!!!!!!!!!

Babymetal: Excellent album, I want more! 5

When I first heard of BABYMETAL I was honestly rather curious; I knew that there was a sizeable Metal fanbase within Japan with a number of great bands, but I'd never really heard a lot of Japanese Idol (J-Pop) music before - "What would this combination of styles sound like?" I wondered... The result, both audibly & visually, was immediately striking and surprising, hooking me nigh immediately! Sure, as someone who can't speak or read Japanese there is a language barrier, but that hurdle existed for me with Rammstein 16 years ago and that German outfit MADE me a fan of Heavy Metal - So in a way, this has somewhat felt like a welcome journey down a familiar road. (As with Rammstein, I've done my lyrical research here BUT this isn't imperative to enjoy what's on offer) Su-metal, Yuimetal & Moametal, the Lead & Support vocalists respectively, are a heavenly-sonic contrast to the backdrop of superbly heavy riffs and beats that are firmly upfront & personal on every track of this album - The words I'd most associate here is "Catchy" & "Suitably Headbang Worthy". Amongst the Heavy yet Pop-y tunes that make up the vast majority of this record's palette; Hip-Hop, Dance, Dub-Step & even Beach music make an appearance but are very-VERY lightly sprinkled on a handful of tracks, never overstaying their welcome and it feels like this has been a very conscious decision - I approve of this approach, coming from a Metal-fan's perspective. Thus far, my favourite tracks would have to be: "Headbangya!!" (Headbanger!!), "Akumu no Rondo" (Rondo of Nightmare), "Akatsuki" (Crimson Moon Dawn) and "Onedari Daisakusen" (Begging Operation) ...with the albums singles of: "Megitsune" (Female Fox), "Ijime Dame Zettai" (No More Bullying) and "Gimme Choco!!" (Gimme Chocolate!!) all coming in at a close 2nd and worthy of mention. What you have here in BABYMETAL's self-titled debut album, is an experiment & gamble with rather remarkable results. The fusion of Japanese Idol & Heavy Metal music genres is one that will initially stop many people in their tracks and say: "Huh?", but if you're someone who is open-minded with their musical tastes, likes Heavy Metal &/or likes catchy Pop tunes? - Definitely check out what's offered here. I look forward to BABYMETAL's next efforts (Hopefully another album :D) and wish them continued success!

great way to start ur kids to metal 5

my kids love them and when i pick up my 5 year old from school we turn up the music at the school and i live in edmonton alberta where people look at us funny for playing japanese music note that i am probably only one in edmonton that plays visual kei music loud in my car. i look at my kids rocking it out and turn music up and my kids start dancing in the back seat is all i care about is that they enjoy it + i love the bad facial expression on their faces makes my day

An awsome surprise 5

It all started on Youtube where I discovered this excellent band. This later led to an addiction to their music. Got the CD a few days ago and pretty much the only music I have listened to. It contains so much energy, which suits the band pretty good. They manage to blend a wide variety of metal genres with other genres in a way that can't be described. The word awesome isn't suffiecent. Sadly the lack of Japanese language skill on my end, both spoken and written words makes it hard to understand the stories and messages in the songs, this led me to search for translated lyrics, which showed me that the lyrics is actually deep in parts of the album. Some tracks is dark, while others seem to be cheerful, a good variation that seems lacking elsewhere in the world. The main vocalist and support vocalist all got great voices which really adds to the immersive atmosphere in some of the songs. More specifically the tracks ONEDARI DAI SAKUSEN, AKUMU NO RONDO, MEGITSUNE and IJIME.DAME.ZETTAI. All in all, simply great songs, including those not mentioned in this review. All in all, simply a great album which I recommend to every metal fans across the world.

A Unique Blend Like No Other 5

Combining a girl group with a metal band? The two most opposite genres together? Yes, it is done and with fantastic results. The album is a unique blend of music unlike anything out there and is able to differentiate itself from anything else out there. The pop vocals are actually able to compliment the hard sounds of the guitars and drums behind them and because of this juxtaposition sounds great. There is also a great variety of sounds present in the music since Babymetal can blend different levels of heaviness and poppiness to form a wide variety of sounds. A great album that transcends genres.


All I can say about this album, it is AWESOME! I really enjoyed BabyMetal's work on all songs and the riffs to each song is mind blowing, I hope to see more great work from BabyMetal in the near future =D It's worth every penny buying this CD (^_^)


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