[Machine Translation] [Toho DVD Masterpiece Selection] From Hell to Hell! A secret agent destroys an international conspiracy that spans the globe! A thrilling, fast-paced, and exciting fireball mission! --The spy Mi-ching (Mie Hama) uses a professional safecracker, Shiran (Eiko Wakabayashi), to get the $10 million war fund of Gegen (Tadao Nakamaru), the leader of a terrorist organization that aims to overthrow the kingdom of Tong Wan. Jiro Kitami (Tatsuya Mitsuhashi), an international secret police officer who supports them, is forced to join forces with international gang boss Cai Hua Qing (Susumu Kurobe)... Directed by action film great Senkichi Taniguchi, this is the fourth installment in the series, aiming to be the definitive version of the International Secret Police series! Bond girls Eiko Wakabayashi and Mie Hama co-star in this film, a precursor to "007 Dies Twice" (1967).