The complete Blu-ray box containing the TV version, OVA version, and the movie version (Ano Hi ni Kaeritai) of the popular animation is finally here! An anime adaptation of Izumi Matsumoto's popular manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. It includes all 48 episodes of the TV series, all 8 OVAs, a collection of music clips, the first package release of the theatrical version "Ano Hi ni Kaeritai" (1988 production/color/69 min./Vista size), bonus videos, and enclosed extras. Set of 9 x Blu-ray disc set! Small size reprint of theatrical pamphlet "Ano Hi ni Kaeritai", small size reprint of theatrical pamphlet "Mogitate Special", small size reprint of TV Series press sheet. Outer case newly illustrated by character designer, Akemi Takada