Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.) w/ English & Chinese Subtitles [Collector's Edition] 5 Disc Set incl. 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray [Limited Release] Customer Reviews


Clean and beautiful 5

This is the first anime blu-ray I have bought and not even owning a player then. Definitely a collectors item. I would display the foldable disk container as it has beautiful art. I've been watching my copy almost twice a year since then.

Finally Arrived ! 2

Condition is as described, The product came in sealed Brand New. Good outer packaging to protect the product. Albeit the shipment takes longer time than described. Shipment takes 8 days from order time to be finally shipped.

Solid Movie, Cool Special Edition 5

Important Information: This movie has both a 4k blu ray and regular blu ray version of the movie. Both have subtitles available in English but no overdub is available in this version. If you like overdubs there are other regular blu ray versions that have the overdub. The special features on the other discs are all in regular blu ray format but unfortunately none of them have subtitles. Not even in Japanese. This movie is awesome! One of the most original stories I've seen in a long time with great tension and resolution. Unless you speak Japanese I wouldn't recommend this collectors edition unless you want it for the sake of collecting as none of the extra discs have subtitles. My younger sister is a huge Studio Ghibli fan and while I think that comparing any Studio Ghibli movie to "Your Name" is like apples to oranges, when I showed my sister this movie for the first time she was blown away and has named it her new favorite anime. It definitely lives up to the hype.

4k bluray is the real deal 5

I just had received my copy of CE kimi no na wa. Great packaging. Ordered last monday and it was delivered today. Will order again. Thanks cd japan

Superb movie 5

From the time I got out of the theaters after watching this movie, I promised myself that I would get the special/limited edition of this movie when it comes out on Blu-ray. I have owned this amazing box set for several months now and have rewatched the movie countless times since getting this. This purchase was well worth it for me.

Amazing 5

Really fast and secure shipping, Also really helpful customer service. I will continue to buy from cdjapan, its a really good inline store

Truly a keepsake-worthy purchase 5

(First of all, sorry for my bad English) And it was already in the air, saying that this was a great anime, to begin with. World-wide blockbuster. Just for the sake of watching this on original released Blu-Ray, I refrained myself from watching it over from the streaming sites, or by downloading it from torrent network. For me, this anime is worthy to spend every Ringgit on, to watch it on genuinely-released medium! IMHO, to every avid anime lovers, and to all Otakus out there, you SHOULD get this collector's edition. Truly, you would not be disappointed, eventhough it's a bit, if not too, steep on the price. But you'll get everything that are worthy as keepsakes; momento from a great anime blockbuster, that you (might be) can't share, but to show and to flaunt to your fellow friends, colleagues or family members. All in all, it was a great purchase. Great anime to begin with. Makoto Shinkai has done it. Maybe not as good or as 'legendary' as Hayao Miyazaki's, but for me he has pull it off all the great effort this time to be able stand beside him in this industry. For CD Japan, I thank you all for giving me the chance to grab this great keepsake. You guys worked really efficient!; Just waited a week for me to get this item to arrive at my doorstep right from the released date. Truly, I'll treasure it in time, and in heart. And surely, I'll be dealing with you guys again in the near future.

Great 5

One word Great!!!!, I have ever seen an animation level like this, the ost is purely magic, you must buy this movie..

Best anime movie I've ever seen! Pre-Release Comment

So for people who have been thinking about purchasing this and why you should, this movie has everything. Voice acting is great, the ost is so perfect, the story is really great and man the animation is just beautiful. When it was showing in theatres, i went to see this 3 times and thats how much i cant get enough of it. I really think this is my most favourite anime movie along with some ghibli movies. A bit of a bummer because since i purchased the collector's edition, i was expecting the english dub would be included but no big deal, i just love funimation when it comes to their dubbing. I wanna support them so much and plus i can't wait to see this in my huge 4k hdr tv with dolby atmos set up and i cant wait to invite all of my friends to see this and have them cry their eyes and leave my house thinking of it for awhile. Im still fascinated by how perfect this movie is for me and how beautiful the ost is. If there is another movie im gonna recommend, i suggest go check A Silent Voice as I've purchased the special edition of that one too and no regrets buying that one. Box is beautiful and all the stuff that comes with it, story hits hard. Overall, cant wait til they start shipping out my copy of the collectors and definitely one of the movies im so willing to pass down my generation. It will forever live my heart.


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