[Machine Translation] Commemorative album for the 2013 visit to Japan. The song that goes deeper, bigger, and higher...overflowing. Two years have passed since the release of her second album. Two years after the release of her second album, Naoko Kawamura has released her third album for RCA Red Seal, which projects her current musicality, which continues to grow and deepen. The album features four Chopin ballades, and continues Kawamura's strong affinity for Chopin's works, which was evident in her two previously released albums. The "Ballades," also called "sonic tale poems," not only require storytelling skills to literally "tell" a story with "sound," but are also the most profound and difficult of Chopin's works, along with the "24 Preludes," despite their high popularity. The selection of songs, including arrangements of songs, will inevitably demonstrate the charm of Kawamura's specialty, "Uta" (songs). The final piece is Liszt's arrangement of Wagner's "Isolde's Love Death". Isolde's love for Tristan is beautifully sublimated by the ecstasy of the "Songs" in this romantic masterpiece. Recorded at the Church of Jesus Christ in Berlin, Berlin, July 24-27, 2013.