Blu-ray release of a live-action film based on the best-selling novel "Till We Meet Again on the Lily Hill (Ano Hana ga Saku Oka de, Kimi to Mata Aetara." Co-starring Haruka Fukuhara and Koshi Mizukami. Plot: Yuri, a high school student, is frustrated and dissatisfied with her parents, school, and everything else. One day, she runs away from home after clashing with her mother Yukie over the course of her life. She enters the ruins of a nearby air-raid shelter, but when she wakes up in the morning, it is June 1945... wartime Japan. Yuri is rescued by Akira, who happens to be passing by. She spends time with him and soon is attracted by his sincerity and kindness. However, Akira is a member of a suicide squadron and is destined to risk his life in the war soon... Deluxe edition comes with a bonus DVD, eight postcards, and mini-clear folder. Outer case packaging.