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A fans opinion 4

DIRENGREY are most certainly a band that is recieving more and more international hype as time goes by. This is a fairly old single now, originating before the critically acclaimed Withering To Death album that whacked Diru into international stardom. The single itself is one of their better songs, a melancholy song with a strong and fast paced riff that addresses suicide, ie the FINAL. Being an older track, much of it is in Japanese, but a catchy final chorus with the words So I cant Live are repeated over and over which waves of crowds sing along to. For those who appreciate listening to Kyo's voice over his screaming like in songs such as -saku-, will enjoy this a lot more. The single is really strengthened by it's B SIDE tracks. It includes Increase Blue, RED ... [em] and The IIID Empire all in live form. These are some of the strongest tracks from their previous album Vulgar and are incredibly enjoyable live. All en all, as a fan and collector, this is one to have, for the artwork, for the sound and for the memories, the FINAL is a true DIRENGREY classic that hit their Decade 03 - 07 album for a reason. look out for Glass[Skin] which just got announced on this website! - Igor.

Heavy sound... equally emotional... 5

There's no question, THE FINAL is one of Dir en grey's most powerful and loved songs. It's got a heavy sound that manages to be equally emotional, much thanks to the acoustic tune that accompanies the rest of the instruments. Kyo's voice is just perfect, emotional singing like this hadn't been heard before. The live tracks are in great quality, in fact some of the best they've released on a single. INCREASE BLUE goes a bit slow which is surprising, but really good otherwise. RED... [em] however is awesome and captured really well! This recording of THE IIID EMPIRE is one of the best ever as their energy is undeniable, just what is required for that awesome song! THE FINAL in itself is one of Dir en grey's best songs and the live tracks included makes this one great single release that's still worth getting even if you own Withering to death.


This is my absolute favourite Dir en grey single. I had to order this after hearing it live, even though I already own Withering to death., the album it's on.

Can't have a break... break a rib!!! 5

This group has a category I can't describe from experimental, metal jrock something... But... Red [em] is something I can't stop hearing daily... As all their work ever!!! I just believe they are more than my favorite thing... And if you are wise... SO WILL YOURS!!!

Great Song 5

"The Final" is one of Dir en grey's greatest hits ever. It got a really nice acoustic melody paired with hard e-guitar riffs. On Dir en grey concerts this songs gives a really good disposition. The live tracks on this CD have very good quality.

Sweet maxi single! 5

'The Final' is among the best tracks I've heard from Dir En Grey up to this date. I loved the track from the first time I heard it, and, I believe Kyo shows a great versatility here!

Outstanding Song 5

The Title says all: an outstanding Song! It has a good balance between hard rock and soft melody. Kyo also shows what he can and changes between singing and screaming. I liked this song from the first time I heard it.

Wow 5

"Wow" is all I can say about this song. It is by far and away my favourite Diru song, and one of my favourites of all time. Even after countless listenings, I have yet to get even remotely sick of it. It has everything - heavy guitars, beautiful melodic parts, fantastic drumming...the bass as always just blows me away, as does Kyo's voice. All in all, this is just a brilliant song and I would recommend it to ANYONE, whether they are Diru fans or not.

Proof of life 5

Hands down, "The Final" is my favorite Dir en grey song to date. I've seen it live twice, heard it more times than I can count, and I never get tired of it. From the beginning guitars to the powerfully emotional bridge, there's just something in this song that draws you in and doesn't let you go until the final note fades. Definitely recommended to fans and anyone who can appreciate good music.

good!!! 5

I love this song! I saw dir en grey live in los angeles, and the fans loved the song so much that we decided to take out red glow sticks to show our love. Unfortunatly, the security guards stomped on our idea, but I heard new york fans did it. ^____^ This song is love.

love it~~~ 5

This song is really great. Even people who don't enjoy other Dir en grey music, or even jrock, can really enjoy it. It's a great starter to get them interested.


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