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Dir en grey

Awesome! 5

This is one of their best albums with Withering to Death and Uroboros. Macabre and Gauze is pretty cool too.

Dir en grey Kisou 5

This is my favorite Dir en grey cd ever...even though withering to death was the first CD I listened to, but this one appeals to me the most!

one of diru must have albums 5

Para los fans de dir en grey este album es necesario tenerlo, tiene excelentes canciones y, como cada disco de diru, un sonido muy especial. El arte es tambien muy interesante si acaso de los mejores que he visto de diru. Si son fans recientes de dir en grey este album es necesario para darse cuenta de la trayectoria que ha tenido el grupo, si son fans antiguos seguramente estaran de acuerdo que es de los mejores discos.

A must-own 4

Kisou is a very interesting, unique album with a great variety. The songs alter from fierce and heavy to tender and slow-paced, still almost always being very emotional. I pretty much love all the songs excluding "FILTH" and "Pink Killer". Naming a favourite song is a difficult task, as almost every one of them is truly fantastic work of art, but I'd say it'd be "embryo" for me. The short instrumental interludes titled "Shinsou" are really nice idea and my personal favourite of them is the last, which is a very beautiful, soothing one with piano. The entire band is doing absolutely wonderful job all the way, and I really get the impression that they're all giving the very best they can. The booklet looks very stylish in its shades of gold and it's my favourite Deg booklet after Macabre's one. The only thing which prevents me from giving this album five stars is Kyo's wide range of these unsorted, disturbing weird noises which are a bit too much all over the place for my taste (in "-kigan-", "ZOMBOID", "FILTH", "Bottom of the Death Valley", "Gyakujo Tannou Keloid Milk" and "Pink Killer"). Overall, Kisou is a downright excellent album and an essential purchase.

Pink killer! 5

This is an excellent album! Heavier than Macabre, but still very much in the same vein. I adore most songs, except maybe the mushy Mushi. Pink Killer is quite an extreme track and I love it. I don't really get what the three short instrumental interludes are doing between the songs, but that's okay. This is a must have for fans of Diru's earlier days!

fantastic album. 5

So beautiful. It's pretty heavy but I think Kyo's got the perfect voice for it. This album is really spectacular, and with all of those fantastic musicians behind the face of the music, how could it not be? Every note on this is musical mastery. A must-have work of art!

This cd was amazing. 5

This cd was awesome, I mean the second I got it I opened it up put it in my car and drove around for two hours with it blaring. I highly recomend this cd to any diru fan. And I recieved very prompt delivery.

Diru never repeats themselves... 5

'GAUZE' and 'MACABRE' are two amazing albums, while having similarities were very different from each other. This one takes twice as many steps away than the previous ones did and is a true ground breaker, Diru never repeats themselves... This album is filled with great songs from beginning till end and I just don't see any need in mentioning favourites as I will probably just mention every track on the album. Okay, there are three instrumentals that would get excluded cause they aren't "actual" songs. Kyo never ceases to amaze me with his great voice on songs like ZOMBOID, embryo and Pink Killer (especially the ending) Kaoru and Die varies a lot with their versatile guitar work from extremely heavy (Gyakujoutannou Keloidmilk, -karasu-) to very gentle (undecided, -mushi-) Toshiya tries out some different bass sounds and I really like the one he uses in 24ko Cylinders. Shinya is flawless as always and goes from discreet to fierce. In general, it's a heavier sound on this album than on the last two even though there are a couple of gentle moments as well. It's a very satisfying listening experience that I recommend to all fans who haven't heard it yet!

Their second best album in my opinion 5

After ''Gauze'', this is my favourite Dir en Grey album, i like more than half of the songs in this album, I recommend it for the ones who want to begin to know this band.

dir en grey - kisou 5

in all honesty, if you listen to this album you'd wonder why people think their current releases are a total 180 from their viskei and pre-"metal" days. if they're even really "hardcore metal" at all. that is to say, they don't have just one repetitive sound down--they're experimental throughout their entire music history. i think this is a wonderful representation of a variety of their images, sound styles and chords. well put together and a long-time favorite.

Their Worst Album To Date 1

Kisou is, to me, the worst album that Dir en grey has ever released. Listening to it, you can't help but notice the drastic style changes of each song; "FILTH" is a fast-based hard rock song, "embryo" is a slow melody, "JESSICA" is a fast pop song, and "The Domestic Fucker Family" and "Pink Killer" are songs that are just annoying noises and vocals set to a beat. As one of the songs on the album is titled, Dir en grey's musical style in this album is "undecided." As far as I'm concerned, the only two good tracks on this album (JESSICA and embryo) had already been released as singles, so I'd recommend buying those instead of this album.

Excellent 5

Containing a wide range of music, Kisou ranks toward the top as one of my favorite albums by Dir en grey. I really enjoy the songs -mushi-, Embryo, FILTH, and -kigan-. For those new to Dir en grey (or Jrock for all that matters), I highly recommend this album as one of the first albums to purchase.

Dir en grey's best 5

Deemed by many Dir en grey's best album, 'Kisou' is definitely worth listening to. Good choice for people who want to begin their Diru adventure. An absolute MUST for all who call themselves their fans!!

Absolutely Amazing 5

I'm a huge fan of Dir en grey's and this CD is fantastic! It is intense, emotional, poetic, and disturbing all at the same time. Diru is one of the best bands out there!!! You will NOT be disappointed with this album!

Brilliant. 5

Out of all the releases from Dir en grey, Kisou has still kept its spot as my all-time favorite. What isn't there to like about this album? It has a wide-mix of musicaly varability, small, refreshing breaks (Shinsou 1, 2, 3), matured vocals and favored sound. There is so much to say about this album, it gives off an aurora every time you listen to it. Whether your favorite song is the bouncy and heavy "FILTH", slow and steady "embryo", or the long and emotion-building "Bottom of the death valley". It has everything to like from Dir en grey! 5 stars!

Dir en grey's BEST! 5

This is truly the best CD from Dir en grey. It contains a diverse mix of sound styles from heavy rock to pop to slow ballads. As always Dir en grey has raised the bar of their greatness, especially in this album with powerful songs such as MUSHI, EMBYYO, BOTTOM OF THE DEATH VALLEY and 24th CYLINDER. This is the original sound of Dir en grey, the sound which all Dir en grey fans loved. If you liked GAUZE, this album will over exceed your expectations. Other songs that make this album their best that deserves mentioning would be FILTH and JESSICA.


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