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Kumi Koda

Horriffic 1

Kingdom gave me hope that Kuu had figured it all out. Trick makes me think that was a complete fluke. With this album we get flat, bland, formulaic and rehashed garbage. There are about four tracks that try something new, two of which I actually can't listen to. Most of this album is not worth listening to. Show Girl is obnoxious, Your Love reminds me of Kuu's other laid back R&B types - which is good, it's just too formulaic and lacks any real feel. Stay with me is Ai no Uta part two, This is not a Love Song is dull even though it tries not to be, Hurry Up! is spastic and annoying, Moon Crying is boring and painful and a poor rip of a Crystal Kay song, Joyful reminds me of It's a Small World at the end of secret, Ai no Kotoba isn't completely terrible it's just in a very unfortunate spot, and Venus is terrible. So for the tracks I didn't mention there: Taboo is beyond hot, awesome and catchy. Driving has a harder dance sound than we usually get from Kuu, and the instrumental bridge brings it hard and hot. Just the Way You Are is a bit typical, but still fun and sweet without being a complete clone of her other cute tracks. Bling Bling Bling is the most horrific piece of garbage Kuu has ever released. It is so bad I can't even laugh at it, and it must be avoided it all costs. That Ain't Cool is also really bad. I don't like Fergie, and I don't like her music, but I remained open when listening to the song. It just solidified my dislike for her. However, compared to Bling Bling Bling, it's almost decent. This album felt really rushed and half-assed. Seriously, what happened?

Solid 5

This album is quite different from koda's previous albums. the opening is quite nice before TABOO starts. the ending bonus track for Venus was cool. I had hoped she would release that song from the CM she did. Kinda wish she had pvs for every song like in Kingdom. The bonus dvd with the live performances is awesome much better than the one on kingdom.


Kumi's latest album is certainly worth its money with its awesome songs. It might be even better than the previous one, 'Kingdom', in my opinion. A real highlight for me was the cover version of the song 'Venus', performed entirely in English. What I really enjoy about the +DVD edition is the 2nd disc with footage of the 'Dirty Ballroom' performance, a limited live which you won't find on any other release.


Can I give it 10 stars? WOW! I love the intro, it's quite catchy, then, TABOO, quite an outstanding track; after this, comes SHOW GIRL(The most representative song to this album according to the making), and more...Then, the vid's are cool...The making... BUT THE BEST OF ALL IS THE DBRONS (Dirty Ballroom~One Night Show~)! I just LOVE IT!!! I'm speechless and keep watching it over and over again! The TAKE BACK remix, with the Japanese lyrics instead of the English lyrics is THE BEST TRACK! So sad Kumi just changed customs 3 times... LOVE IT!BUY IT!

Koda Kumi is the ultimate entertainer 4

My favorite album from Koda Kumi so far is Black Cherry, and Trick didn't change that fact. But it's far better than Kingdom (which was a big disappointment for me). Trick is a good, strong album and this Limited Edition is a must-have for any fan of Kuuchan's. The tracklist full of different styles and it's well balanced. My only regret is that there are couple of forgettable, weak songs (Your love, This is not a love song, Joyful). But the strong points do excel them: the catchy dance tunes like TABOO and Show girl and sensual ballads like stay with me and Moon Crying are the big highlights of this release. Koda Kumi once again proved us that she is an artist - and an entertainer - who has the talent for various types of music. As for the extras, they are as high-quality as one could hope for. The PVs are enjoyable but my favorite is the Dirty Ballroom concert; this is a show like no other! The cameraman went overboard with the editing, but Kuuchan's vocals are fantastic and the whole show is very good. It's my favorite live from her up to date. So what more is there to say? Get it before it's gone!

I'll be your TRICK kuu-chan! 5

Kuu-chan does it again with her new album Trick, which is a damn good album, because she is sticking with her main flavors (cRunk&B and Pop) and constantly throwing different ingredients into the pot. I LOVE IT!!! And the videos with this edition make the album worth the wait... especially "That Ain't Cool" with Fergie Ferg (OMG!!! Someone bring me some onygen PLEASE!!!)

Great! 5

Another awesome album from Kumi! Each track is just great and DVDs are awesome as well. Looking forward to another album!

Best Album So Far 5

I highly recommanded this album to any Kuu fan or brand new listeners. This truly shows her range and how much she's grown from her previous work.


i was very pleased with this album when i got it, it was fun exciting and must i say interesting...out of all the songs on here bling bling bling was the most interesting... all that money money money just make it out to cash.

Kumi's still got it!! 4

This album is much better than Kuu-chan's last album, "Kingdom." She's back to her hot dance tracks and beautiful ballad songs. The standout tracks are "show girl" and "This is not a love song." Of course, "TABOO" is the jem of this album, it's an awesome dance track that I have yet to get tired of. There's only 6 music videos on the second dvd, a pretty low number for Kuu-chan. And while I always love her live shows, the weird editing and visual effects incorporated in this dvd make it impossible to watch. I had to turn it off!! This cd would be good for hardcore Kuu-chan fans, but if you just want the music, skip this one and get the one sans the dvds.

Sublime Release 5

This album has it all!! Upbeat, catchy, urban tunes, lovely ballads, great music videos, and an amazing live performance! This version of TRICK includes the bonus track "Venus", sang entirely in a surprisingly good English. If all the extras in this version do not lure you in, this song should be enough to convince you. TRICK is definitely a Koda Kumi album, all the songs are in her personal style and they all fit her perfectly. Kumi will surely deliver a stunning performance during her upcoming TRICK Tour! The music video for "show girl" is hilarious, we can see a glimpse of "Kuu-chan" here among all the "Koda Kumi" feel of TRICK. The music video for "Just The Way You Are" is lovely as well, refreshing and fitting for the song. There is also an album version of the music video of "That Ain't Cool", which is, story wise, a great improvement from the single version. Also, if you pay close attention, you can watch a few extra clips, amongst them, finally, a making video of the "stay with me" PV. The second DVD is the highlight of this version. The Dirty Ballroom may not have the visual display of her latest Live Tour shows, but Kumi's vocals and the overall performance make up for that. The choreographies are amazing, and the setlist is smooth and fits perfectly with the theme of the show. Even the ballads, like "Always" and "Come Back", are sung and performed lovely on stage. Watch out for a guest appearance and one of the best versions of "Butterfly" Kumi has ever sang. You should also watch out for some extras in this DVD! Now more than ever, make SURE you get this Limited Edition album before it is too late! It is Kumi's best work to date and you should not miss it!

The best ever listened 5

An amazing new album from Koda Kumi! All 15 tracks are extremely good, you'll love them, from the intro till the bonus track. Accompanied with the 2 dvd's is the best thing you will buy. Maybe you'll think 6 pv's are little poor, but each dvd has an extra menu with the making of's, fulfilling your need of Koda Kumi for a while. The Dirty Ballroom is just amazing, seeing Kuu-chan dancing incredible choreographies and enjoying the great special effects added in the dvd. Highly recommended!! If you are one of Kuu-chan's fans you must have it, and if you aren't one you will become after seeing this. 100% enjoyable! Worth the price!!

That's the TRICK 5

Ahhh! I <3 it!!! I was honestly waayyy more skeptical about this album than i was about Kingdom, but it turns out, I was sooooo wrong!!! I bought it and never looked back. The CD takes Kuu-chan back to her more Hip-Hop/R&B roots, which is amazing!!! I wouls still recommend maybe the Kingdom, Secret, or Black Cherry albums more, this CD is totally worth it!! The videos are amazing too. I'm addicted to the TABOO video, but honestly the video for JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is a bit bland. But all is forgiven when you see the concert!! OMG it is so amazing!!! I love the fact that she performed so many remixes, it was very interesting, and the performance of TABOO is most definitely the best performance of the song that I have seen. Definitely buy it and support Kuu-chan!!!!

Excellent 5

The first i heard this album i was like it i not a fan of track joyful but it will grow on me i am like the remake of venus it diffderent the introduction to trick is really cool and i wish it was on the album. I like the concert on the album aswell as the music videos


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