[Machine Translation] Stop the crisis of the future! The long-awaited sci-fi action series gets deeper and deeper in Season 2! This season features the same cast and crew as last season, including Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, who travels back in time to 21st century Earth and struggles to stop the alteration of history. The dubbed Japanese version of the series features the reunion of the former voice cast of the series! --Picard, who once seemed to have given up on life, is given a new life and returns as an admiral of the Starfleet. Raffi, Seven of Nine, and Rios, who fought together with him, are also assigned to support the fleet, and just as they are about to make a fresh start, an anomaly occurs: a large hole opens in the universe. A message arrived from the hole: "Help us, Picard! Picard and his team go to the site, and when the Borg Queen comes aboard and tries to take control of the entire fleet, Picard is forced to self-destruct the entire fleet. When he wakes up, Q appears in front of him... 10 episodes in total.