[Machine Translation] The latest theatrical version is a mighty hit! The Paupato whirlwind continues to grow in power! Solve everyone's troubles in town with Powfect! With DVD, you can enjoy your favorite episodes anytime and as many times as you want! Who is your favorite character? Watch it over and over again and check out the secrets of their teamwork. English audio is also included, perfect for developing your child's interest in English! Japanese subtitles are not included. --Kent, the leader of the Paw Patrol, and his team of puppies, each with their own unique personality, face a variety of troubles in Adventure Bay, where they live. Chase, a police car driver, Marshall, a fire truck driver, and Rabble, a power bulldozer driver, all use their special skills and work together to make a big difference! No matter what the problem is, Pow Patrol can handle it! Sea Patrol! Grandma Teresa is Here! Where's the Key?", "Where's the Key? Where's the Key?" "Shutter Chance! and "The Big, Strange Sound".