[Machine Translation] Co-starring Lee Eaton of "Late Night Beauty and Shadow" and Bee Wen-jun of "Justiciable Rainbow"! A female investigator who is weak against the cold and a prince who has a high body temperature and amazing physical ability in this mystery love period drama! DVD-BOX #1. --Su Muji, a police inspector in Jiushou City, Qian Guo, is prone to losing consciousness due to a strange disease, and despite her outstanding deductive ability in case investigations, she has been content with her job as a scullery maid. One day, four officials are murdered at a villa in the suburbs by a man in black with three scars on his cheeks. The suspect, Kansou, is being interrogated at the governor's office, but when he realizes that Kansou is also pursuing the man with the three scars, he asks him to join forces with him.... Contains episodes 1-18.