[Machine Translation] Sweet and spicy, the taste of Aoharu I want to do my best, but I can't. I'm trying, but it's not working out. Kabuki prince Chinnosuke Kataoka's first starring role in a movie! Watch out for his friendship duo with Koji Matoba! Directed by Mana Yasuda of "Happiness Switch". Community x Food x High school students! The third film in "Our Recipe Pictorial Book Series"! --Yudai Toyama (Sennosuke Kataoka) is a first-year high school boy who is not very good at school and doesn't have many friends. One day, while skipping school, he bumps into Takeru Kuwabara (Koji Matoba), a drunken owner of a Western-style restaurant, and injures his leg. Yudai starts going to the restaurant to help out with the shopping, and his neighbor, Chizuru (Mariko Tsutsui), is curious about their relationship. Soon after, the "Udon Club" of the high school shows up, but they are working too hard... The slightly troublesome people knead udon noodles and argue with each other. This is a hot and complicated coming-of-age story that unfolds at the foot of majestic Mt.