Instantly clean your makeup brush!
A quick-drying cleaning spray that easily removes powder and dirt from makeup brushes is finally here!
Easy handling that does not require water will reduce troublesome maintenance.
When using different colors of makeup, using this spray will allow you to easily remove powders with tissue paper. It will easily remove powders and dirt that is attached to the brush and quickly dry, so you can immediately use a different color. It will gently cleanse the brush to avoid damaging the hair quality.

How to Use: 1. Spray 2-3 times onto a tissue.
2. Using the sprayed portion, wipe the brush several times until dirt is removed.
3. Arrange the brush head back to its proper shape, then stand it up against an object such as a cup to allow it to dry.
4. When the tip dries, untangle and loosen the hairs, then re-use.