BISYODO series uses only high grade hair and finish the tip using UYEDA BISYODO's unique processing method. With the addition of craftsmen's techniques, their excellent makeup brushes are born as treasures not found elsewhere. The ferrule is made of pure brass coated with 24 carat gold gilt; the gleam of gold brings out the feeling of a product of the highest grade. The handle is made from African rosewood. The wood of this legume tree originating in West Africa is hard and weighty, bringing a familiar weight to your hand. This is a costly material with both strong resistance to wear and strength as well as unique visual beauty.

This domed, larger eye shadow brush is perfect for placing the base color on the whole eyelid. It also helps to apply highlighter under the eyebrows and under the eyes and blend it. When you do nose contouring, this brush will be your best friend as well! Pine squirrel hair is more elastic than gray squirrel hair, it is a high-grade material that combines the kindness of the unique touch of the squirrel. It is also gentle to the sensitive eyelids.