UYEDA BISYODO Eye Brush Set. This eye brush set includes all the essential brushes you need, to complete your eye makeup look. Each eye brushes was made by craftsman's hand carefully. Made of high quality natural bristles and materials provide an incredible touch and feel, will show your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish. 3patterns (Tsubaki:camellia) (Ume:plum blossom) (Black/White)are available for the brush case.

[Set includes]
Large Shadow Brush: Versatile tool featuring soft, rounded gray squirrel bristles. It allows you to apply shadow from eyelid to brow bone.

Point Shadow Brush: It features perfectly sculpted smooth bristles that are ideal for placing shadow.

Tapered Shadow Brush: Perfect for applying and blending deeper shadows into the eye crease and add depth or make the eyes appear larger.

Shadow Liner Brush: It applies shadow on eyes evenly and give smudging effect when used with deep colors.

Eyebrow Brush: Not only provides you with your desired brow line but also provides defined liner/shadow.

Zipper Brush Case: It features Japanese modern fabric. The separate pockets hold brushes perfectly.

New "Fude Bijin" Makeup Brush Shampoo 30ml [Note: Not 120ml]