Haku-ototsuho Yomo is hair from around the shoulder area of goats, which has a moderate firmness.
The highest-quality hair for brushes, known as "Koyomo", is hair that has been taken from goats living in the Yangtze region of China, in the 1970s or before, and is precious due to its rarity. Brushes using "Koyomo" confirmed as being from this period, are coated in cuticles up to the hair tip, and have delicate tips, which means that they feel smooth on the skin and have no friction.
The brushes also last a long time, becoming more adapted the more they are used, and as make-up brushes they are unparalleled. The pale white color of the Koyomo and the handle is simple and clean look. It gives us the neat feeling.

It delivers just the right amount of blush for flawless airbrushed application leaving you to feel your most beautiful you! Perfect for applying blush on your apples of your cheeks precisely right where you need it. It can also be used to contour and highlight as well. The head of natural goat bristles is large enough for any type of pressed powder, yet small enough for precise application.
It comes in a box.
[Product Info]
Hair length approx.39mm Full length approx.137mm
Shape: Round
Hair: Goat Haku-ototsuho Yomo
Usage: Blush, Contouring, Highlight, Powder
Softness (degree 1-10): 7