[fu-pa Series]
For those who want to avoid itchy and scratchy feeling with makeup brushes.
Don't worry, they provide gentle feeling like puffs as the bristles are very soft and densely packed. Recommended for people who want to cover the skin properly.

This blush brush offers you completely different new feeling from ordinary brushes. Comparing to traditional brushes, its hair is rather dense and prevents the powder to go down into its hair bundle, so you can put foundation beautifully in small amounts. It also stands better than other brushes. It uses Sokoho, a high-quality hair among goat hair, and this can be used with not only blush but also powder foundation.

Product Info
Full / Hair length: Full:105mm (4.13in.) Hair:27mm (1.06in.
Shape: Round
Hair: Goat (sokoho)
Usage: Blush, Foundation, Powder
Softness (degree 1-10): 7