The pattern on the handle has been changed to flower petals.
Raden is a style and technique in Japanese lacquerware and woodwork using inlays of shell and ivory to decorate pieces that usually have a wood base, whether lacquered or not, though bases of metal or other materials may be used. The shells used include mother-of-pearl, abalone and other types.

The Russian-made Kolinsky hair feature long, resilient bristles, and are highly valued as luxury items. The hair quality is thinner and longer and more delicate than a normal weasel's hair, and has a softly pleasant, consistent texture. Normally, Kolinsky brushes are used to make eyeshadow and concealer brushes. But in this instance, Koyudo used the longest, most expensive and high-quality kolinsky hair to create this rare and unique facial brush with Japanese Traditional Craft "Raden". It comes in a HIROSHIMA recycled paper box.

Limited release at CDJapan and available in limited quantities.

[NOTE] Although there might be rubbing on the painted surface, this is something which occurs on produce processing and is not defect.

[Product Info]
Full length approx. 138mm (5.4 in)
Hair length approx. 13mm (0.51 in)
Hair thick approx. 6.5mm (0.26 in)
Shape: Round
Hair: Kolinsky
Usage: Eye Shadow
Softness (degree 1-10): 5

*Please not that Raden is all handmade and each one is different, we cannot guarantee that the luster of all the items will be the same as in the pictures.
(We are unable to offer returns or exchanges due to weaker shine.)