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Best Liquid/Cream Foundation Brush Ever 5

This is the absolute best foundation brush ever! I’ve been a beautyblender devotee for the past 8 years just because I thought sponges blend everything out quickly and effortlessly, but boy was I wrong. The beautyblender and sponges in general absorb so much of your makeup that it always thins out your coverage. Fast forward to this little gem here, my liquid and cream foundations always look impeccable and the finish is always airbrush level flawless. The Koyudo Fu-Pa02 brush blends both runny liquid foundations and thick, heavy cream foundations to perfection. It’s a fool proof brush that can used by dabbing, swiping, buffing, and blending. There’s no wrong way to use it and the best part is you get great coverage from using even a small amount of product. This brush doesn’t absorb much of your makeup due to its dense bristles, making your face products last longer. This is the holy grail of foundation brushes and I’m sad it’s being discontinued. I’m glad I got to purchase some backups and I hope the new versions don’t stray too far from the originals. I know the Koyudo Fu-Pa02 CB uses the exact same brush head so if you weren’t able to grab this one, getting the CB version would basically get you the same thing. The only difference is the handle, of course.

Small and Powerful 5

My first foundation brush in natural hair. I have used it to do the whole face from foundation to bronzer, blusher and finishing powder. I don’t know why, not only it is less time consuming, it actually gives a soft glow finishing. Absolutely multipurpose and the small size is ideal for travelling. Not to mention it is super dense, it is soft and silky on the skin too. Now after foundation, my skin still looks like my skin, just better! Will definitely try out other brushes in Fupa series!


I bought 2, a pink and a black, that I have used for a long time every day (4 years!) Without losing their hair! Unbelievable ! These brushes are extraordinary precision and really give a natural result with perfect coverage. I bought all the collection of Fu-pa. Thank you Koyudo! Laurence from Paris

Stiff bristles 4

Been using for almost a week. At first the bristles where really ruff on my skin leaving it red, had to wash it a least four times before it stoped shedding. Now it's silky to the skin even though the bristles are still somewhat stiff. Perfect for application of foundation and buffing.

Canada 2

I love the brushes but for me it is nonsense to pay 1/3 of my order for taxes + free delivery! I live in Canada. Lots of hidden fees!!!

The best foundation brush I've ever had 5

Contrary to what others feel, I think this brush does very well with runny liquid foundations. I have been using it with my Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation which is runny and I think the finish is wonderful! I first dot the foundation on my face and then with the brush, I start stippling and the finish is very natural and yet doesn't sheer out the coverage. Having used Hakuhodo's G5556 and G5557 (both for liquid foundations), I feel that this brush out ranks Hakuhodo's brushes in terms of price and feel. This brush is very soft, yet firm enough for stippling. The only bad thing about this is that it sheds a bit and the waiting time is very long.

great for collectors 5

This is a very cute brush for anyone who loves brushes. The size is perfect for your hands and the bristles are so soft.

You will NOT regret this one ! 5

This is so dense and Ohhhh, so soft !!! I use it as a finishing buffer to blend the Trinity (contour, blush and highlighter) its perfect for that, but its also great for liquid foundation and bronzer. It washes well, but you have to give it some time to get dry because its so densely packed. If you are in doubt... don't be, just get it :)

Cute brush 4

This is a great foundation brush however I feel it works best with thicker formulas vs thinner liquidy foundations like my MUFE Ultra HD. I have tried using it with my Bobbi Brown tinted spf which is thicker and it does ok with that. I really love the look and feel of the brush and it will greatly cut down on the amount of time it takes you to apply foundation.

Best Brush 5

I'm giving this brush 5 stars, for its performance and price it's totally worth it! It works well with both creamy and liquid-y bb creams. Probably the best brush I've ever tried. If you're looking for a brush that'll give you the airbrushed look, this is the brush you have to buy.

Great brush, great performer 5

Dense brush that works very well with the liquid foundations that I've tried. Very well made with elegant Japanese writing on the handle and a great length (ie it's short which suits how this brush is used). The packaging it came in was wonderful! I get a smooth, beautiful finish especially with thinner liquid foundations. No streaks when using this brush and due to it's size, it's quick to apply. Much prefer using this brush than a sponge. As this brush is dense, it does take longer to dry. Highly recommend!

fu-pa02 4

This brush is short, firm and quite dense. It brushes off excess liquid foundation on your face, leaving a smooth finish. I would have liked it even more had it been a bit less dense, but for the price, this is an excellent liquid foundation brush.

Lovely handy working horse 5

It is no doubt a masterpiece of Koyudo , thanks for Sonia's blog I eventually came to Koyudo. Just fu-pa 02 is enough for me to know how under valued the brand is. This brush is dense, soft, firm. more than all these, every hair work together as a whole. and the handle is a great completion to all of these. It can use to spread, whip, or even use as sponge to even or puff. Love love love!

Perfect for liquid and cream foundation 5

This is my first Koyudo brush, but will not be the last. It applies foundation like a dream. I use many different foundations and find that it leaves a perfect finish whether I am using liquid or cream. The handle is quite short, and I really love this. It allows me to get close in the mirror without hitting it, and it great for travel. I wish more brushes had short handles like this. I plan to buy another as a back up. For the price this brush is a steal. Love it!

Fu-pa 02 foundation brush! 5

I now exclusively use these fu-pa type brushes for my foundation and I am so pleased with the results and how straightforward my routine has become thanks to them. I have one black fu-pa 02 in rotation with a fu-pa LMPG. They are both extremely dense and soft (although the LMPG is the softest of the two. This one is not always offered so if you get a chance to grab it, don't hesitate!) I first very roughly spread my foundation on the areas that need the most coverage with clean fingers, and then proceed to buff the product in with the brush. I then gently wipe the brush clean with a cloth; I find this way I can use it for a full week without it being gross, and after a week I deep clean it and leave it drying for a few days (since these are so dense, they will take some time to dry fully. This is why I like having two.) I am so glad I discovered these cute guys, the finish is never streaky so they are much better (for me) than paddle brushes, and much more convenient and durable than sponges such as the beauty blender. I used to be a big fan of those, but going through several sponges a year was became an unwelcome expense, not to mention that they are a hassle to clean. One thing you can't appreciate from the pictures is how pretty the handle is! It has very subtle green shimmer running through it :)

fu-pa02 Foundation brush - black handle 4

One of my very first Koyudo brushes. I use it for liquid or cream foundation. It allows me to apply the product very quickly so it is great for when you are in a hurry to get the job done! Highly recommend.

Sure beats a sponge buffer! 5

Been looking for a liquid/cream foundation brush for ages and this one is an absolute dream! I've always used a flat foundation brush to apply then buff with a sponge, but this brush has replaced both since I bought it earlier in the year. I use this brush to apply and buff with stippling motion and it feels like velvet on my skin. I have found that the sponge tends to absorb the product, which causes me to pack on more, which then results in a thick and cakey finish. Not so with this natural hair brush. The hair is packed so densely it does not absorb any product at all, which means cleaning up is a breeze - I simply wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and wahlah - it is nice and clean again without any stains! LOVE.

Flawless finish 5

I wish I had purchased this brush sooner instead of wasting my time with other types of liquid foundation brushes that doesn't do anything for me. For a long time I believed the best way to apply liquid foundation was with my fingers. Turns out I just haven't found the right tool. This brush is extremely soft with densely packed bristles that work with a wide variety of liquid/cream based products. I love it especially for liquid foundation as it really delivers the promise of a flawless finish.

FU-PA02 Wonderful Foundation Brush 5

Koyudo makes some of the best brushes I have ever used!!! The Fu-pa02 is no exception, this is a wonderful liquid/cream base brush. The hairs are densely packed but it is ultra soft! It feels wonderful against the skin and does create a flawless finish. Not only does the brush deliver on application, but it is so beautiful to look at! Can't believe, it took me so long to get this brush, I'm in the process of collecting them all! Thank you for making an exceptioanl brush at a price that everyone can afford, please do not ever change this!!!

HG Foundation brush 5

My all-time favorite liquid foundation brush. It covers a large area in a given time, so it makes foundation application a breeze. The bristles are so dense and so soft, that they don't leave streaks but rather a flawless finish!


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