You only need to prepare water! Use the stationary of Japan to enjoy "writing".
The concept is "new standard style of stationary". It is a brush set that include an adorable size of writing brush with a box of water color with the same color of the brush. You can control the thickness of lines and the sharpness of the color by yourself easily. To start writing, what you need is only water. Here is the new stationary that we would like to introduce to you.

[How to use]
1. A Dip the brush tip to the water
2. Dip the brush to the water color.
3. Write with your own style!

The name of the product is based on the name of bird.
IRODORI comes from Japanese word with the image of colorful image of bird. Therefore, we used the real bird name to name. User can produce smooth writing lines with various thickness of lines and various sharpness of color while writing. This look like colorful birds are dancing on the paper to produce a colorful sky. Would you like to help IRODORI to dance freely on your paper?