This blush brush inspired by peach offers precision application for a gorgeous. The handle uses Keyaki (Japanese Zelkova), which has a beautiful grain.
*Somell Garden was dreamed up through a proposal from a female designer active in Hiroshima. What if brushes could be evocative of fruit? What if touching your skin with a brush could be like rubbing your cheek with fruit? What if the color of fruit could be transferred to your skin, as though the brush were a dyed paper flower? With those wonderful intentions, we want to make brushes you can use for applying your makeup every day. The colors on the top are natural, like dye from fruit. There are heart-shaped brushes, with peaches that have sunk into the center. There are speartip-shaped brushes with compact and domed bristles so that they clear the threshold for usability, and many more types besides. As for the brush handles, they use natural wood that pairs well with the colors of fruit. In order to convey comforting warmth to not just the face, but to the hands as well, we sought out shafts that are pleasant to hold. It goes without saying that the raw wool in our brushes-the lifeblood of any brush-is carefully selected, and we pursue first-rate brushes that are pleasant to the skin. Using a manufacturing process which avoids cutting bristles, and cannot be done by machine production, we make each one of our brushes by hand. It comes in a paper box.
somell = somelu (dye) + mellow
Softness (degree 1-10): 5.5